Must-Add Things For 2023 Landing Pages


Living in the 21st century, everything needs to be taken care of on an urgent basis. From shopping malls to online work, people are finding quick answers to various questions in their minds. When it comes to landing pages, be noted, it just has 8 seconds to amplify the attention of a viewer.

This directs us to the question – what are the great innovative things that can be added to the landing page?

Here, the objective is to find the key points for customer engagement. This will automatically drag in visitors’ interests when visiting your landing page. So, let us discuss some of the promising future elements of a landing page that are surely focused on better conversion and improved return on investment.  

Why Do You Need To Think About A Promising Landing Page?

While blogs are the basic introduction that helps a landing page, it also requires an impeccable design, lighter tone and troubleshooting statements. These will eventually help your landing page to improve conversion rates.

As a landing page owner, consider striving to add something more than just aesthetics. It should portray who you are, why the page is designed and how can you help your audience solve their problems.

Now, this may lead to a question – why have you taken the responsibility of helping others?

Unless you have a monopoly business over the market, whatever you’re providing, there are chances that others (your competitors) are doing the same. So, this is where you differentiate yourself and come up with a landing page that will help the visitors to understand well about your offerings when compared to your visitors.

Using A Friendly Conversational Copy

As per the recent trends, people love and trust a business when it converses through the language of a seeker. Therefore, set up a friendly conversational tone for the visitors of the landing page. Whether the content is in the form of image, video or design, make it feel that you’re specifically targeting the readers. Use simple contractions and words and portray your honesty, meaningfulness and relevancy. Remember, the goal is to create intimacy between the readers and the business through language, tone and style which is familiar to them.

Integrating Commanding Headlines

Recently more and more landing pages are focused on highlighting their Command Headlines. This trend is expected to grow. Considering highlighting the same with a robust design. Use a proper font to convey a straightforward message. This will help your visitors easily understand what the page is all about. The command headlines should also boldly tell your visitors what to do next (without being too aggressive). Usually, the first word starts with a verb that addresses a pain point or demands action. The idea is to serve the purpose while being informative as much as possible.

Don’t Include A Footer Or Navigation

Breadcrumbs and navigation links used to be a well-reputed concept, but this isn’t nowadays. As per the recent trends, these are not good for modern landing pages. Implementing these may do the opposite and eventually create a negative impact when it comes to customer engagement. A footer usually comes with additional social media links that may be distracting eyeing the intended goals of your page. Now, this is also not possible to keep these links off the page. As a rule of thumb, all you can do is, spread the important links around the landing page and consider designing evenly.

Use Custom Graphic Design For Your Landing Pages

A natural approach to humans is, we get attracted to something that is more colourful. So, the same goes for your landing pages. Make it brighter with handsome colours and turn it on. Visual elements are crucial for any landing page. The page must complement the message in order to gain increased chances of customer retention. Consider designing custom graphics for your landing page and not simply downloaded elements. Visual aesthetics play a significant role and this is why advertisers precisely use the same in plenty. Also, you can include music to entice the engagement.

Live Demos And Videos

As mentioned earlier, there are several others with the same strategy of making a landing page. To make it clear, how you are different from your competitors, simply embed a video that shows how your products or services are different. Online researchers are always looking for value and reasonable prices. If your live demo or video communication can match their requirements and provide the necessary information, it will be time to receive phone calls. The video must be able to provide customers make an informed decision. This will further make you a subject matter expert.

Put In Interactive Testimonials

Have you seen seashells on the beach? Customer testimonials are the same for any visitor visiting your page. Visitors can’t resist picking up a shiny and colourful seashell lying on the beach. Similarly, testimonials should be targeted with respect to the audience for whom the landing page is created. It’s time to get out of content and put some interactive testimonials so that visitors can determine your quality. The testimonials can be in the form of images, videos or Google links. Keeping interaction in mind, you can also include some quizzes along with the testimonials. This can help in highlighting customer feedback and showering positivity on marketing ventures.

Third-Party Ratings

Awards and ratings are wonders for any landing page. They work the same as testimonials. They can be your best friend when answering people why your business is the right choice. It adds value to whatever you are sharing through the landing page. The best part is, testimonials, awards and ratings can be placed anywhere on the webpage and there’s no specific rule. However, you also need to keep in mind that your landing page does not become a jumbled-up scene.

Final Thoughts

Last but not the least, when planning a landing page, make sure that the page becomes a relaxing zone for the visitors. Do not push them toward your goal. Keep it simple and things will automatically turn to your tide.

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