More Subscribers May Not Lead to More Sales


Having a long list of subscribers may or may not lead to more sales. While conventional wisdom may convince you that the more people on your list, the more sales you will make if your list isn’t filled with those VERY interested in what you have to sell, it doesn’t matter whether you have one hundred or one million people on your list.

Types of Subscribers

There are three types of subscribers who typically sign up for mailing lists:

· Subscribers that want to buy now

· Subscribers who need more information to make a decision to buy now

· Subscribers that just want information, but who have not intention of buying

In an ideal world, your list would be filled with the first two types, but this is not usually the case. Some people are just curious – they only want information and have no intention of buying from you – now or in the future. And even though you may occasionally convert one of these types, the work need to do is just that is too much for most marketers.

Finding the Best Subscribers

Create a landing page and sign up form to attract subscribers eager to buy now and subscribers who are almost ready. Fill your landing page with keywords (use free keyword search tools provided by Google or register with an SEO service to help you find the best keywords) would-be subscribers are using to find goods and services you provide. Include a sign up form on social media and blog pages (these are great platforms for connecting with those VERY interested in what you have to offer) and on your website.

Cleaning Your List

Reduce the number of people on your mailing list who are never going to buy from you by periodically cleaning your list. Remove the names and addresses of those who haven’t made a purchase within six months. There’s no point in sending mass email to those with little or no profit potential.

Review your list after cleaning and segment it into customers who have made a purchase within the past two weeks, those who have purchased something within the past month and those who have purchased within the past three months. Create tailored email content for each segment to encourage additional sales.

Maintaining Your List

It’s best to keep those who purchase frequently happy by providing quality information, free stuff and discounts on goods and services on a regular basis. Even if your list is smaller than you want it to be, it could still be very profitable if you’re willing to meet subscriber’s needs.

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