Monetising Joomla Or How To Make Money With Joomla?


Joomla CMS is an open source content management system that has already almost 3% of the Web! It is absolutely free and is so popular nowadays. Moreover once you have installed it, you get a wide range of the ways how you can get money from working with it. Your choice depends on what your calling is.

Monetising Joomla was one of the most discussed topics highlighted at Joomla Day UK 2011 on the 24th of September. The information you will read further is a short review of the methods that you can apply if you want to get commercial benefit from using Joomla CMS. Let’s start!

Joomla development – choice No. 1.

It is the right choice for professional PHP developers. If you are a real pro, read below.

Here you can choose one of the directions:

  • develop your own products and sell them
  • develop addons for 3d-party products and sell them
  • offer custom developing to your customers

Currently there is more than 8,000 Joomla! components, plugins and modules. They can be free and commercial.

Its number is growing every single day! It means that more and more Joomla users need ready-to-use solutions and are ready to pay money for these products or order custom development service. Why not to become a provider of Joomla extensions and offer custom development as well?

Joomla services – choice No.2

There is a great number of services that are in demand now. Joomla consultimg, training, localization, support and so on. Custom developing that was mentioned above can be also considered as service, as well as extensions customization, site migration to the latest CMS version, etc.

According to Joomla resources directory, the total number of Joomla providers officially registered at amounts to 326 companies/individuals. 77% of this number refers to Joomla services!

Here we can see that the biggest share of all Joomla services is created by Consulting, Freelancing (this category includes custom development, web design, marketing, etc.) and Support. Such service as Translation has only one company registered but it doesn’t mean that there is no demand for it. It just needs extra costs for translators, and not every company can afford it.

Joomla design – choice No.3

Design was always one of the most popular services in the Web. Design for Joomla is not an exception. From the one hand it can be referred to Joomla services as we will mainly speak about custom design. However this branch has become so large-scale that we have decided to single it out.

Template design is the most popular service especially if we are talking about template clubs. It can be explained by the fact that Joomla users prefer ready-to-use templates to custom template design.

The average price for templates varies from $10 to $100 and more… Together with your templates you can offer as well related services like installation and configuration, PSD to HTML conversion service and the price will be increased. Some providers offer their templates with buyout price, i.e. that this template won’t be sold to anyone else or call their customers on to get monthly, annual subscriptions.

Beside templates web designers can offer other services like: extensions/CMS interface design, custom web design like banners, icons, boxes, logos, etc.

Joomla advertising – choice No. 4

By the word “Advertising” we mean: affiliate programs, sale of ad spaces on your site, cross-sales, links exchange and so on. To start earning money using any of these methods you need to have at least a site devoted to Joomla CMS, extensions, templates or services. The better your site is promoted, the more potential customers you will have.

The most popular method of earning money on 3d party Joomla extensions is Affiliate program. Joomla providers usually offer 20% commission on each sale.

Joomla SEO – choice No. 5

Search engine optimization is a great tool for site promotion and a great number of Joomla site owners is ready to pay for getting top 10 Google rankings. If you are an expert in SEO and know how you can help others to achieve high results, you can simply start with the following services:

  1. SEO Website Review
  2. Link building
  3. Search Engine Submission
  4. SEO Progress Reports
  5. Content Building
  6. Web Optimization

The average price for a SEO web site review amounts to $350. To have a SEO specialist in your team is a rather profitable thing for the following reason:

1. This specialist can rise the rankings of your own site/sites what will rise your traffic and consequently the number of your sales

2. This specialist can find independent customers who will be interested in this SEO service.

The ways we have highlighted in this review can’t be considered as a guarantee that you will enrich yourself immediately. Choosing one or several methods and doing some job related to it is only a start! Then you need to develop and promote your bushiness through support service, building partnership relations, and applying other marketing tools.

Soon you will learn about different marketing tools that can help you stay ahead of your competitors and earn more from Joomla CMS later.

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