Mobile Ecommerce: Challenges and Opportunities for Retailers


Ecommerce has become the way of the world. Anything a consumer wants or needs can be found online, from airline tickets to groceries. If there is a desire to purchase an item, that item can be found on the World Wide Web. With endless possibilities of products available, the population of sellers is also continually growing. Community selling web sites, where several sellers can sell from the same web site, are on the rise. Countless individual websites are open for business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on the internet. Mobile ecommerce is the new way to access all of these sites.

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are also growing in popularity at incredible rates. There was a time, not so long ago, that only the incredibly wealthy owned portable bag phones or car phones. Today most pre-teens, parents, and grandparents can be found texting away on their smartphones. Cell phones have evolved into mini computers that have endless capabilities from music listening, to geographic information, to banking and shopping applications. With the convenience of having every need in the palm of the hand, more and more people are doing their online business from mobile devices. Mobile ecommerce is quickly becoming the new way of the world.

Many reports have been published that verify the rapid growth of mobile e-commerce around the world. There are companies that have the sole purpose of formatting existing websites for mobile device use. These companies are currently in a race with time to get many company websites updated to mobile formatting by Black Friday this year. This trend of rapidly growing mobile e-commerce is said to be on the rise for 2012, and for many years to come. With the easy and convenience of having banking and shopping needs available on a mobile device there is no wonder the mobile e-commerce is so popular. Gone are the days where a consumer must wait for a convenient time when a brick and mortar store or bank is open for business to drive to town and physically do business. No longer is it the only option to order out of a catalogue and wait weeks or months for the merchandise to arrive. Even the days of waiting to get home to the computer to place an order are a thing of the past. Now shopping and banking are right in the palm of the hand.

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