Merchant Services Online: Deciding Between Direct Site and Hosted Payment Processing


Any organization selling a product or amenity to consumers is considered a merchant. Transaction handling services are necessary when a business wants the ability to process an electronic form of payment such as credit cards. Customers like the convenience of being able to pay for things online. They can shop from anywhere at any time and have a wider selection of products to choose from. Companies are capable of receiving more profits in addition to faster compensation when a web purchasing option is available. A service provider supplies the account and features necessary to process credit transactions. This account is necessary for routing each authorized transaction to the company bank account. Merchant services for online processing are offered by a bank, specialized provider, or independent sales organization. The current business situation will play a big part in who is willing to offer this type of service. Banks typically accept more established organizations with the proven sales record and stability to back the account. Third party providers are more likely to accept less established or high risk organizations during the application process. Fees, comfort, and processing needs all affect which online transaction handling provider is chosen.

Accept Online Payments: Advantages of an Ecommerce Site Arrangement

A merchant account is not required to accept online payments but is the commonly preferred method among businesses. Hiring a company to take the payments on the behalf of a business is the alternative option. These services entail a higher overall cost because the percentage rate per transaction is greater. Customers are redirected to the provider’s website in these scenarios for the processing portion of payment acceptance. The customer is then redirected back to the business site after everything has been verified. Individual transaction charges will be present regardless of how the collection method is set up. Merchant accounts boost business image for internet sales because they allow a business to perform all processing on a dedicated ecommerce site. Hosted services require a business to put their forms on their site and typically only pay out a few times a month. Merchant services can supply funds a few days after the transaction has been completed and do not limit cash flow or cost as much as the alternative.

The service account is only one item needed for a business to accept online payments. Data encryption on a secure server must be present to prevent unauthorized information access. An order form allows each customer to enter their data as well as any personal information needed for shipping. Companies must include a piece of software called a shopping cart to track every product selection the customer makes. It keeps a running total which is then transferred to the order form when the customer is ready to pay. Authorization, payment processing, and service management all occur through a supplied payment gateway. These items are necessary whether a business is contracting with a third party site or handling these aspects on their ecommerce website. Merchant services for online transactions are an all-around solution for any company wanting to provide their customers with a convenient and fast way to make internet purchases.

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