Maximize Your Email Marketing Results Through the Use of Advanced Design Elements


Email marketing has been a valuable component of business development campaigns since the early 1990s. However, technology has evolved dramatically since the 1990s, affecting the design and accessibility of emails. The basic email text message can now easily come as an attractive multi-media presentation incorporating audio and video graphics, background images, and navigation links designed like those on web pages. Email is now read and accessed not only via PCs and laptops, but mobile phones, tablets, and social media.

Designing an email for marketing campaigns in 2011 means first considering the basics, such as the “From” line, the subject line, content, a call to action, and the unsubscribe button. But to facilitate readability and maximize usefulness and effectiveness for all recipients, the design must also consider the following elements:

1. Graphics. Do you want your email to look like a series of blank boxes with red Xs? It’s challenging to design email to open correctly in all the different email platforms. Background images often do not download properly, and many email platforms block images unless recipients turn on images. Email design must be functional, so you need to create compelling text and make sure important messages are not imbedded in graphics. Use alt tags, HTML code of alternative text describing the images, to ensure your message will appear even when images are blocked. Then make the email attractive with your logo and a simple graphic design style.

2. Incorporate social media. How can you increase your marketing effectiveness? Give people an opportunity to engage with you through the integration of email marketing and social media, one of the biggest trends in small business marketing in 2011. Provide links to all of your social media sites in the email and promote subscribing to your email on all of your social media sites.

3. Design for mobile. Have you embraced the mobile community in your email marketing campaign? Over 55% of mobile users read their email on iPhones, BlackBerries, and other mobile devices. Keep in mind that on mobile devices, subject lines are only about 30 characters long, HTML codes may not render well, and complicated layout designs that look great on websites may be difficult to read on the tiny screen. Keep images small, design a very simple one-column page, and stick with basic black font on white background to make the site mobile user-friendly.

4. Invitation to forward. Would you like your recipients to do some marketing for you? Provide an invitation button near the top of the email to forward the email to their friends, and direct them to use the button you provide to forward it. To make sure the button appears properly in all emails, do not create a graphic button. Instead, make the button text with a color box behind it.

5. Preview pane. Did you know that over half of email recipients use the preview pane? Take advantage of this opportunity to convince your recipients to open your email by providing the call to action or a teaser of the information in the email at the top of your email. Avoid using branding images at the top, since these often do not download and only a blank box with a red X appears. Instead, insert HTML code to simulate your brand name and colors. The message appearing in the preview pane can increase the percentage of opens and click-throughs.

Proper email marketing design can improve the success of your campaigns. The professionals at seenBest Web Design in Phoenix, Arizona, have the experience and skills to design an email that gets results. They work closely with businesses throughout the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area, providing expert internet marketing solutions to help them achieve marketing goals.

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