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Do you already have a website? Well you may have a great looking website, and are happy with the price you paid for it, but is it actually making a real difference to your overall business e.g. have you seen sales jump up as a result of starting to sell your products or services online?

Well if not then you could be one of many website owners who is not having a happy online experience, and if you have spent several thousand pounds on your website then you may probably be feeling that your website should be doing better than it is for your investment.

When it comes down to it, it is maximising your Return On Investment (ROI) that your website designer or developer should be focused on. Yet often form is put ahead of function.

Simply put when someone lands on your website the chances are they are looking for the solution to a problem, so if you are to maximise your chances of making a sale, then you need to provide them with the solution to their problem. Whilst you may well want to sell them something more than they need, your key focus should be on addressing their immediate need and making that first sale as without that you cannot make a second sale to them.

You need to make the information that the buyer needs to make their decision as readily available as possible, so that they are not having to waste ten minutes searching around your site to find it, as the longer it takes them to find the information they need, the less likely they are to buy.

The time to maximise your sales is often when it comes to the shopping cart stage, when you can offer them other related items, such as a cycling helmet and a bike pump, if they have just put a new bike into their shopping cart as an example. Or small pictures of other items and “Other people who bought this item also bought…” – A feature, which Amazon uses amongst others.

Looking at further maximizing your websites sales you may have chosen to use a Pay Per Click (PPC) solution to get traffic coming quickly to your site, but if you do not take advice on setting up your PPC adverts and choosing keywords then you could find that the ROI of your PPC campaign is disastrous resulting in high outgoings for very few sales.

So as you can see when it comes to maximising your websites sales then you need to work closely with your web developer to ensure that your website actually increases your sales and profits.

So if your website is not ranking as high in the search engines as you would like or you are simply not making the amount of online sales that you feel you should be, then maybe it is time you reviewed your whole website from top to bottom, and be aware that doing this process may often result in more expenditure to correct problems in the ordering process before seeing your online sales improve.

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