Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When You Create a Website


When you create a website, you want to be very careful to avoid big marketing mistakes. After all, your website is there to show off your product, service, or business. One little mistake is enough to drive your visitor away from your site and possibly your product or service forever. The internet, after all, has so many different options that moving on from your business and onto another is quick and easy. I’m going to show you a few things that you should or should not do in order to avoid this situation.

1. No Attention Grabbing Headline

The first thing the customer sees on the page ought to be extremely succinct and easy to understand. If the object of your website is to get somebody to buy one of your shirts, the headline should be bigger than the rest of your the content on your page and should shout the fact that you are selling T Shirts. Feel free to add special offers in your headline as well… something like “Awesome T Shirt Company Christmas Sale – Get 30% Top Quality T Shirts Just In Time For Christmas”.

2. No Call To Action

The natural progression from the headline is a call to action. Too often do we see websites that offer a great product, have a great looking website, but don’t tell the visitor what to do next. If you are selling shirts, the call to action better be something like ‘buy a shirt now!’. After all, if you don’t show the visitor what they should be doing, they are either going to choose wrong or leave your website.

3. Failure to Follow Up With Customers

You need to have contact with your customers. If you let someone go to your website and leave without ever getting the chance to talk to them, you’ve missed out on a huge opportunity. You’ll want to provide a way to subscribe to your newsletter or ‘special offers’ mailing list. Try offering an incentive for them to leave their email address. If you can get a small list of people who, at least at one time, were interested in your product or service, you have a great resource for drumming up business.

4. Simple Spelling and Grammatical Errors

This one should go without saying but I feel that it needs to be said anyways. Double, nay triple check your website for spelling and grammatical errors. You are making an impression on every person that visits your site and you want it to be a good one. There are many people out there that, if they recognize a simple error in a piece of ad copy or on a website, will lose a ton of respect for the company in question. You are making a sale on that person… you are selling them the fact that you are the right choice. If you are not professional enough to have proper grammar, punctuation, or spelling on your website, then how are you going to sell them that you are the right choice?

These are just a few mistakes that are possible when you build a website. Make sure you are thinking every step of the process through so that you leave no stone unturned. People are judging your website by the way it looks, and the first few interactions with your site are of utmost importance. Give them a great, attention grabbing headline to reel them in. Let them know what the next step is on your website. Give them a reason to leave their email address with you. Keep your website tidy and error free. With these few tips, you should be well on your way to a great looking and professional website.

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