Making Bank With Both Broad and Long Tail Keywords


Once you have chosen your niche and built up a website, your obvious objective is to generate a profit. Although often times overlooked as an essential component in achieving this, keywords are very important.

Using keywords is not difficult. They are the words that identify your site as well as bring it to the attention of the search engines. If you do not use the proper keywords, you will only attract average customers and your sales figures will not be very good.

Entrepreneurs and those that aspire to be entrepreneurs understand the importance of keywords for driving traffic to their websites but they often fail to understand that broad keywords and long tail keywords can be used to bring in the cash flow.

You might wonder how these types of keywords differ from regular keywords. Essentially a broad keyword doesn’t narrow down the topic and are comprised of short, single word versus phrases, such as: ‘car versus buying a Honda Odyssey’, or ‘tree versus how to plant an Oak tree’.

If you look up long tail keywords you will notice that there are less results for those than for broad keywords although there are considerably more of those types of phrases. As a result long tail keywords can generate more traffic to your site than what you would expect from with a broad search ranking.

You want to focus on attracting individuals who already know what they want. A person who types in the word ‘cars’ could be searching for the animated film titled Cars, the history of cars, new cars, etc.

Whenever when someone types in a long tail phrase they are basically telling you what they want. A good example would be: “How to purchase a car without being ripped off”. In this instance you could sell a guide to purchasing a new car to the person because you are fully aware of what they are after as compared to the person who just typed in the single word – cars.

Let us say you are in the business of selling self-help products for those suffering with depression. Use the word ‘depression’ as your broad keyword but also be more specific by using long tail keywords, for example: ‘post-partum depression symptoms’ or ‘signs of depression in men’.

You will thus be able to pull people who search for general information regarding depression through the use of the broad keyword and you will pull those who search for a specific type of depression.

If you take the time to search for a broad keyword you will notice that there are many searches every month for that particular word or words. However, the more specific your keywords the better your website will perform in the search engines. Naturally your purpose is to ensure that potential customers will find your website as these are the ones that are likely to want what you have on offer.

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