Make Money From Your List for Beginners and Advanced Marketers – The Value Principle


Ok, so you want to get profits from your list right? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to talk about today. And this won’t be any filler or fluff as well. Let’s get started!

The dirty 5 letter word

Value. That’s the word that marketers in the ‘make money online’ niche fail to provide and fail to teach. Understanding this principle will allow you to profit more, profit longer and profit higher from your list. (I’ll expand on that in a minute) First, why do you want to provide value?

You must make value-giving the cornerstone of your entire business.

This is such a basic principle yet very few Internet marketers or email marketers fully grasp the meaning of it or bother to apply the value principle. Think of all the biggest companies in the world – all of them are the in the business of providing some sort of value.

Facebook gives value by allow people to socialize and connect online for free. Google provides value resources and information at a few clicks for free. Ezine articles gives readers free information categorized neatly into specific interests – again for free. Note: I’m not saying that value-giving involves giving away free stuff and not selling at all – that couldn’t be further away from the truth!

Google provides a whole suite of free valued added services like Gmail, Webmaster Tool, Analytics but cross sells you Adwords, their Business Apps suites etc. Similarly Facebook provides a free social platform to connect but they collect your info and ‘sell’ it to advertisers.

The point is, all these companies are successful by virtue of them giving value freely first. If these company didn’t put giving value as a core principle of their business – they wouldn’t have survived till now! If you treat your business seriously then you must do the same too!

How then do you apply the value principle to your business? It’s simple – make your prospects’ goals your goals and give them upfront value. Let’s say you’re in the cat potty training niche, your prospects goals would be to potty train their cats right? So make it your goal to help cat owners successfully potty train their cats. This can take place in the form of a free video training, free report or even a product recommendation.

Now, what do I mean then to give authoritative value upfront? By that I mean you should give them and provide them value without asking anything in return. And yes, this means that you should not ask for their names or email address at all (initially). Much like what I’m doing with my free blog where I give away content on list building at no cost.

Sounds counter intuitive but its lethally effective. This is because by doing that you’re differentiating yourself from your competitors and you’re making use of the chance to develop and build a relationship quicker then anyone else. Moreover, by doing this, you’ll also only attract the ‘right kind’ of traffic – no freebie seekers or tire kickers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, for much such information, feel free to visit my blog below – it’s absolutely free and its filled with content.

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