Make Millions From Your E-Mail List


Now that you have a sweet list you need to make some money right? Of course, what is the point of having a list if you’re not going to make money! Below I am going to go through exactly how to build a great list of follow-up messages that make your list want to spend money. Follow these steps and you should be ready to go!

I like to use AWeber for all my lists so the information in this section is based off of AWeber, which should be similar to all other major e-mail services. Keep in mind that the key to good e-mail follow-ups is good quality content. Don’t sell to your list too much; they’ll hate this and never buy anything. If you offer them good advice they’ll want to buy when you decide to sell something.

Here Are the E-Mails to Write:

• Email 1: Give them what you promised with this e-mail; if you said you’d give them a free e-book or course send out the download link in your first e-mail. This e-mail should be sent immediately after the person opts in to your list. The slower this e-mail comes the more interest people will lose. In this e-mail talk about what your list has to offer. Give them a hint to the other free tips you will offer when they stay subscribed to your list.

• E-mail 2 – Make this e-mail some of the best quality content you have so your list will get excited about what you have to offer. The better you make this content the better the response you will get; it’s this simple.

• E-mail 3-5 – These e-mails should be more of that quality content. Link to some videos you’ve made or a free e-book download. The more stuff you give away at this point the more people will buy the next time.

• E-mail 6 – Now you are ready to sell. Sell something that is related to all the other tips that you’ve offered earlier. What you’re selling should be something that can maximize the potential of the tips you’ve previously taught. If you do this right this should sell really well. This e-mail should be all sales. Start out offering another tip then add in that to maximize this tip you should buy…. This offer should convert pretty well so keep building that list! Keep in mind that all these e-mails should be spaced out 1-2 days.

I always say that the best squeeze page and free content don’t do anything if you don’t have any traffic. Get a lot of traffic and you will do much better overall. Traffic equals money so once you have you’re system in place keep the traffic coming. I like to use free techniques to build traffic. It works really well for my list. Article marketing, social media and web 2.0 all work really well to build lists. If you want some free tips on traffic building check out my Facebook page the link is below. I have a lot of free tips there that will really help you.

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