Make Email Marketing Work For Your Small Business


Email marketing is a great method of keeping in touch with your clients and, as part of a wider marketing strategy, it can help any business build its client base and increase profits. But there’s one simple mistake many small businesses make when it comes to email marketing and it’s a key reason that many email marketing campaigns fail.

The reason? Small business use email marketing to sell to rather than inform their clients.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not inappropriate to use emails to spruik your small business’ products or services. To be effective, however, you need to maintain a balance between selling and providing valuable and interesting information to clients.

For example, if you’re a lawyer who distributes a regular newsletter to clients, the majority of the newsletter should provide engaging information that’s likely to be relevant to your readers. You might pop in one or two articles that are selling pieces, but they shouldn’t make up the bulk of the newsletter. Better still, directly link your selling pieces to your information pieces. If you’ve written an article about the importance of having a will, mention your legal will making services or provide a short-term discount offer to clients.

What if you want to inform clients about a special offer your business is running? Personally, I see nothing wrong in sending out occasional emails such as these. Just make sure the offer is genuine and indeed worthwhile and don’t do it regularly. If you’re emailing clients weekly or even monthly with special offers, your emails will quickly be deleted or blocked.

When you consider some of the benefits of email marketing, it’s surprising more small businesses don’t make it part of their marketing mix. With some thought and regular effort, email marketing can be a valuable tool for your small business. Just keep some simple factors in mind – such as the need to maintain a balance between informing and selling – and you can make it work for you.

Some of the benefits of email marketing:

  • It can help keep your business at the forefront of customers’ minds
  • Emails can provide the opportunity for you to promote products, services and specials
  • Email is more cost effective than many other forms of marketing
  • Email marketing is a fast way for you to connect with your customers regularly
  • It can demonstrate that your business is an authority in your field

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