Magento Tips For The Holiday Season


The holiday season is right around the corner and the influx of holiday shoppers are one major aspect that eCommerce stores are gearing up for. It is estimated that there will be a 7 percent rise in online sales for this season. In order to cash – in on this opportunity, online stores are preparing their sales and campaigns to target maximum sales this season. Well, the success obviously depends on the backend platform used and the ability to optimize it for such a time.

Stores built on Magento help you efficiently optimize and customize your store for targeting maximum sales due to its flexibility and the amount of scalability it offers.

Optimize for mobile customers

Magento has built in responsive features, which means that you can view your store conveniently on screens of smaller devices like smartphones and tablets too. So, this holiday season, if you are expecting your traffic on mobile devices as well as other large screens make sure you have proper plans for mobile customers too. Give them a great shopping experience on mobile devices and cash – in your sales!

Page loading times

Holiday shoppers are generally in a great hurry! They do not have the time to wait endlessly until the page loads and then make a purchase; they will browse away to other stores. It is a known fact that over 50% of the customers leave your site if it does not load within the first 3 seconds. 70% of the customers will never return to your site too! Well, Magento has great performance optimization options for you to try out. Once you have done performance tuning of your Magento site and have tested the site load times, you should be all set for the holiday season.


The content on your website gives your customers a feeling of personalization or alienation. You can decide how you want to sound! Magento is a content management system that allows you to add delete and update content without any technical help. Moreover, it gives you analytics of customer behavior like most visited pages and the highest sold products etc. Make sure that you take advantage of these features to prepare yourself for this holiday season.

Social Media

Holiday season is the one time throughout the year when customers are free and have enough time to interact on social media. Well, once they buy from you and are satisfied with the product or service, they are bound to share it on social media! Make sure that your store has social media buttons added to every product pages and category pages! Magento has the flexibility that allows you to add social media extensions from third party vendors to add such features too.

Checkout process

After having selected a hundred things to buy, if the checkout process is not simple and quick, the shopper will abandon it! Magento offers you with a simple straightforward shopping process. Well, there are third party extensions to turn the checkout process into a simple one step checkout!

So delight your customers with great shopping experiences this holiday season!

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