Lookout For These 3 Signs To Upgrade Your Ecommerce Software Package


Most of us start off with the most basic ecommerce software package for our first store. It would not make sense to sign up for a $150 ecommerce solutions package right off the bat. It would be a very risky investment.

When I created my first store, a basic ecommerce software package did not really amount to much as compared to the features they give you today. Today, ecommerce software providers offer merchants lots to storage, bandwidth and loads of other useful features for their lower tier packages. This is certainly good value for money and good news for merchants as a whole.

However, there would come a time when you would need to upgrade your store. You can tell when it is time to upgrade by looking at these 3 signs.

Your Have More Than 1000 Products In Your Store
Most lower to mid tier ecommerce software packages offer a product limit of up to 1000 products. This is because over 80% of new store owners have 500 or less products on their store. But as time goes by, merchants might think about expanding their product range. Some might even consider utilizing the services of a drop shipper to achieve this end.

Since many top ecommerce software providers are already integrated with at least 1 drop shipper, adding new products to a store has become a very simple task. In fact, you can add hundreds of products to a store, directly into their appropriate categories, complete with product descriptions, in just a matter of minutes.

This convenience makes it easy for merchants to go over their 1000 products limits. When this happens, it is about time to upgrade.

As your store becomes more popular and more and more people start visiting your site, you will notice that your bandwidth usage will increase. At some point, your current ecommerce solutions plan’s bandwidth would be insufficient to accommodate the amount of traffic that your site attracts.

If your traffic increase is not substantial, you may just consider paying for a bandwidth upgrade, which would cost you an additional $5 to $10. However, if it gets to a point where you have to pay over $30 for additional bandwidth, then you might just as well upgrade your ecommerce software plan.

The more products you have on your store, the more diskspace you would need. Make it a habit of always optimizing your images before uploading them to your store. This will help you save on diskspace. Just like in the case of bandwidth, you can opt to pay for additional diskspace. But once you need more than 5GB of diskspace, it is time to upgrade your ecommerce solutions plan.

Most ecommerce software providers offer unlimited diskspace for plans which cost $100 and above. Since diskspace is unlimited, the number of products you can upload to your store is also unlimited.

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