Looking For Leads Online – Psychology 101


Let’s look at this problem.

As an internet marketer, your primary goal and motivation is to find leads online because you need leads to grow you business without leads you have no business.

To be successful you need to study the mindset of your target audience? The people you wish to attract. Once you understand them you will come closer to overcoming the problem of looking for leads online.

Here’s a big word….”Psychology”…internet marketing is the application of Psychology to promote products. Understanding the Psychology of your target audience helps you produce predictable results in your business and sales.

Internet Marketers who fail to understand this usually fail online.

There are many books available to learn more about selling psychology but several really great ones to read are “Influence” by Robert Cialdini and The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes.

When you are looking for leads online you must understand the” Basic Mindset” of the target audience. What are the people doing on the site they are visiting? These sites include Face Book, You Tube, LinkedIn etc. Before you advertise you need to ask yourself these questions about your target market.

1. Are they searching for info/solution?

2. Did they give you permission to see your ad?

3. Are you pulling them away from something with your ad?

4. Are you interrupting them with your ad?

The answers to these questions will determine the quality of the traffic you are getting.

The highest quality leads are usually persons…searching for information or solutions and the lowest quality leads are usually…interrupted by way of let’s say a pop up add.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, simply means moving up the ranks in the search engine. When you move up in the search engine you are being validated and trusted on the internet, however you must rely on a certain amount of automation to help you win the game of looking for leads online.

Consider these areas of lead generation:

Search Engine: Prospects using search engines equals a Higher Conversion (More Buyers)

This is because the people using search engines are looking for information or solutions to a problem. Keep in mind however that search engines are not all equal. Google and Bing are the best search engines and will yield the highest quality leads. Some of the other search engines that are not mainstream will yield a lower quality lead because the prospect using these lesser search engine may not be as internet savvy as a Google or Bing user.

POP UP ADS: On the other end of the spectrum are POP UP ADS they are the most annoying because this method is interruption based which carries a lower conversion rate and is also cheaper.

FACE BOOK PPC: this method of advertisement pulls the person away from what they are doing and yields a lower quality lead although one advantage to PPC is the ability to target your audience through the demographic choices available. Just remember the people on Face Book are there to socialize and not necessarily looking to buy anything. Your advantage on Face Book is the ability to target other Network Marketers who are passionate about their business and usually looking for a way to grow their business.

Banner Ads: you’re pulling someone away from what they are doing but they are targeted!

You Get the Idea there is a trade-off with every source.

One of the goals in your advertisement is to have multiple contacts remember, repetition and consistency will aid you in your effort in looking for leads online.

How often you show you advertisement is important but what you say is also very important and that my friends is another article in itself.

I hope you received some value from this report. If you did please feel free to leave a comment below and share with your friends.

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