Long Tail Keyword Research: How Does It Work For My Business?


The wide and accessible use of search engines is greatly utilized to promote certain websites and increase their traffic volume. Apart from possible advertisements placed on the website, marketing the actual products is also a must. However, to send the site’s URL to the top list of search engines, they have to pay hefty amounts to keep their websites on top. So how do you cut through the competition?

Certain keywords are embedded into the texts of your website to be triggered once searched on search engines. However, there may be too many search results for a certain keyword and vying for the top ten spots, or those on the first page of the search is quite difficult. Since the competition is stiff, long tail keyword research is applied to the web content. This provides more unique searches for the website, lessening competition. This is also makes it possible to be listed on top of the searches simply by having unique keywords.

Long tail keyword research requires more specific keywords which seem to make the keywords longer. However, instead of having search results for a generic keyword that contains 2 to 4 words, long tail keywords have 5 to 8 search words that would sift through the many possible websites with the same keywords. This will increase the chances of appearing on the first page of search engines.

The chances of long tail keyword research increases especially for those who are looking for specific solutions or products that generic sites do not provide. If somebody would use the keyword ‘auto insurance’, millions of web pages with this keyword are available on the internet. However reducing it down to a certain area, need or range would give the search engine user more quality results. Auto Insurance Estimates in Philadelphia would roughly give you eight hundred thousand pages. If you substitute generic terms of ‘auto’ and ‘car’ into a kind of vehicle, or a make and model of your choice, the searches are more likely to be more specific and reduced to some thousands or hundreds.

Another way of using long tail keyword research is by having unique keywords or phrases. While maintaining relevance to the keywords on your website, having different content as opposed to other sites that may have the same information is crucial. Apart from the credibility of your site, it is also important to have creativity in the process of producing your web content.

Because consumers nowadays are more concerned on personalized and customized products that would meet their standards, long tail marketing works best on products range and variety. While the ‘head’ or the more popular, generic searches that is taken by the greater companies base their keywords on popularity.

Getting your company and product in the market today requires great effort in researching and knowing what the consumers want. With increased competition and a number of companies setting up, consumers have more options to choose from. Beyond attracting their attention, it is also important that they get a personalized take on their product. Long tail keyword research helps them find what they need while they find their way to your business.

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