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Utilizing separate uniform resource locators is a very smart way for small businesses to test and track traffic from local directories and different media. Ideally you want to make it as easy as possible for the searcher to find you. Using URL’s to accomplish this can be very productive plus enable you to test and track which ones work the best and are the most profitable.

Back in the stone age of the early web we never thought about using different URL’s to capture leads in the media we used. It only occurred to me around 1999. Call me a late bloomer but we finally added a couple of URL’s to the clan and presto! It worked and we started to see additional traffic.

Today you can purchase URL’s for as little as a couple of dollars per year. Depending on your budget and how much you want to test, you might invest as little as $50 a year or maybe upwards of hundreds of dollars per year in total URL expenditures.

There might be some products and categories that you decide to leave alone, but for those that have a lot of potential and could be very profitable, consider using these steps the next time you are going to update your media campaigns and local directory listings:

1. Use a separate URL for each, separate local directory that you are using. This URL then redirects to whatever page you choose. Whether it’s your home or a separate landing page, you decide where the searcher goes.

2. Use a separate URL for each of your product categories or niches. This allows your business to refine the target market and capture more people who are just searching for a specific product or service. So if you sell outdoor products and you have niche items within the category; create a new URL for it along with a landing page.

3. Use a separate URL for your different ventures and companies. This way you separate yourself and the consumer from getting confused about who you are and what you offer.

Believe it or not there are still companies that think they are saving money by using one URL to promote a variety of non- related products and services. Save yourself the time and aggravation by separating them all.

This simple strategy is one that you can implement in a matter of hours. So take your time and get it done one listing at a time.

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