Local Search Engines Can Drive Big Traffic


Consumers are using local search engines at the rate of two billion times per month. This represents a whopping 25 percent of total monthly web searches. In an average month, 25 million consumers visit weather.com for updates on the weather and local activities.

There is a new niche market for forward-thinking websites. These sites can boldly stake their claim on local search engines. Many of these sites are positioning themselves to take advantage of local revenue streams. They serve a large number of faithful users, and they will provide advertising content to localized audiences.

Launching and managing a local business search directory can consume both time and money. Publishers are turning to outsourced solutions to expand the value of their online assets. Listed below are some advantages of outsourcing.

Expanding E-Commerce and Display Revenues
Adding page views, and expanding an existing display advertising inventory can attract new advertisers. This ensures that the advertising will be contextually relevant to website visitors.

Producing a Rapid Path to the Local Advertising Market
Publishers who have been searching for avenues to reach local businesses are now offering them enhanced listings. They can also give them priority placement with local results. This can expand their revenue stream.

Increasing Time Spent on the Site and Cross-Selling
Adding a local business directory to a website will increase the time that users spend on the site. They will not be redirected, so publishers can cross-sell numerous products and services.

Of course, outsourcing local searches will mean making an investment with a third party provider. Follow the tips listed below when selecting a partner.

  • Content
  • Use quality local business content. The provider you select has to command the most robust collection of verified business listings.
  • Mobile Configuration
  • Your content provider must have a mobile database infrastructure that is capable of organizing and optimizing large volumes of local business content.
  • Scalable
  • A flexible local search engine site should be able to grow as the site expands.
  • Private Labeling
  • Select a provider that has the ability to use private labeling on their products. This will add value over the long-term.
  • Self-Provisioning
  • Use providers that offer a way for consumers to sign-up for listing and add-on options.
  • Distribution
  • Providers should have distribution partnerships with local search engines like Yahoo, Google, Local.com, Yelp, LocalPages, Superpages.com

The local search industry will continue to grow exponentially. You should take advantage of this opportunity to increase your income stream.

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