Local Online Marketing Is Local Search by Google, Yahoo, and Bing


Small businesses that provide products and services to a local market can no longer ignore the importance of Local Search Marketing – the corner stone of Local Online Marketing and Advertising. The advent of “Local Search” by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, with other minor search engines quickly jumping on the local wave, small businesses now have the power of the internet to reach local consumers. Local fingers are not walking through paper pages anymore; they are typing into (and now speaking to) computers, PDAs, and smart phones when searching for products and services, seeking directions to a location, and conducting research. Local Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has come so quickly and is growing so fast that many have labeled this phenomenon as the “Local Search Tsunami.”

The small local businesses who have an optimized online advertising presence will not only survive, they will dominate their market. As local consumers search online for products and services, it will be the business name that appears near the top of the local search engine maps that they contact. Those businesses which obtain and maintain the top local map position will build strong brand authority, with local consumers and potentially dominant their market. Local Search Engine Marketing is no longer just an option or alternative to phone books and paper media; it is imperative for business survival.

The Problem. Search Engine Marketing, Online Advertising, and Online Marketing are multi-faceted, with many complex, interrelated components. In addition, this rapidly growing, infant industry is constantly changing-nearly every week, the online players release important new components or information that alter the rules and strategies.

To compete in the online marketing and advertising environment requires an in depth, broad based, understanding and knowledge of the online world and a direct focus on the newly developing “Local Search” component. Both on and off-site Search Engine optimization is necessary for top Local Search Engine results. However, off-site is far more important in getting your site ranked locally. Here are a few examples of off-site challenges for the non-professional:

  1. Online Account Listings–the quantity of Directory and Search Engine Citations (Listings), Web 2.0 Accounts, Social Media Accounts, Article Directory Accounts, Video Directory Accounts, Social Bookmarking Accounts, RSS Accounts, and Forum Accounts; the Claimed Ownership & Level of Optimization of the most important Local Search Engine and Directory Listings;
  2. Google Place Page, Yahoo and Bing Local Listings–Claimed ownership and Level of Optimization;
  3. Online Content–the quantity and quality of Articles and Videos Published online;
  4. Back Links–the quantity and Page Rank quality of One Way Back Links.

The broad foundation knowledge and skills required for professional status, coupled with the speed and complexity of the necessary continuing education makes this new industry incredibly challenging for the non-professional. Few small businesses have the human resources to meet this challenge. A Local Online Marketing and Advertising professional firm is likely the only and perhaps the best solution to develop an online competitive presence.

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