Local Coffee Shops and Email Marketing


But these are tough times for local coffee shops, which are finding it more and more difficult to compete with the chains such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks that provide plenty of tables for socializing as well as affordable coffee, donuts and pastries. Most alarmingly, these modern coffee shops are seemingly on every street corner, which makes it easy for people to get their coffee fix without heading to local establishments.

All hope is not lost for the non-chains though-thanks to email marketing! This modern, interactive and inexpensive means of advertising and promotion allows such establishments to reach the most people with the least investment and gives them a leg up on the Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks of the world.

The software that is needed to begin a local coffee shop’s email marketing initiative is easy to install and manage and can be tackled by anyone at the shop with even a minimal amount of computer experience. While the affordability of email marketing software is a giant “plus” in its favor, the real advantages are found in its versatility.

Email marketing for local coffee shops can be as simple or as intricate as the owner desires. Want to just provide the basics-operating hours, location, directions and a link to a menu? That’s easy to do. And so is a more involved plan, one that can feature any number of flourishes.

In fact, email marketing for local coffee shops can be used to promote daily specials as well as function as an interactive means of letting people know what they can experience inside the shop. The software allows those executing the campaign to embed video that can capture everything from images of the products for sale to employees working and interacting with one another as well as customers relaxing and enjoying the day at the shop.

What other means of advertising and promotion can promise such a versatile experience? Even if local coffee shops could afford to take out ads in newspapers and/or on television and radio stations, why would they? It’s far too easy to flip past an advertisement in a newspaper or ignore a commercial. But messages sent by email marketing for local coffee shops are delivered straight to the intended party in his or her email inbox, where the message is far more likely to be read, absorbed and saved.

That’s another advantage of email marketing for local coffee shops: these messages serve as a de facto menu. There’s no need to scramble for a phone number or a menu when a customer wants to head out and order some coffee. Interested customers can just search for the message in their inbox and get the information needed, right at their fingertips. This is the best-of-all-worlds solution local coffee shops are seeking, so try it out today!

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