List Building – The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing


Some advantages of e-mail marketing are that it is a low cost way to communicate with potential clients and customers. It is certainly cheaper than direct mail. Some autoresponder services are even free.

E-mail is faster than traditional mail, it is easy to access and it is a good way to remind people of what you offer or events that might be coming up in your business. That speed can also make some of your messages go viral. If you send something that is particularly funny or odd, it can spread from one person to another quickly simply because it is so easy to forward your message on to their contacts.

Your campaign can be tailored to a very specific group of people. Because you have the option to segment your lists within your autoresponder you can give people exactly what they need. You can serve many types of people but the receiver sees it as you serving only them.

As you build your list using an opt-in form, you know you have permission to communicate with that person, and they are telling you that what you offer is something they want.

Remember that an e-mail campaign alone won’t do it all. Use it together with other marketing tactics to build a profitable business.

Now, doing e-mail marketing the wrong way can lead to some unexpected consequences. There are very strict laws about spamming. You can not collect or harvest e-mails without the owners permission. This means collecting them from a website, business card or other places you might find an e-mail address. You also must have your mailing address in your e-mail, as well as a way to opt out in every e-mail you send.

A spam complaint now and then is something you might not be able to avoid completely. Some people are too lazy to opt-out so they report it as spam instead. But if you use a double opt in system and a reputable e-mail service, you lower your chances of being labeled a spammer.

Another thing to keep in mind is to always offer valuable content to the people on your list. What you offer needs to be relevant to why they signed on in the first place. If it’s not, then they have no reason to stay. And don’t make every e-mail a sales pitch or you might not even get opened.

Talk to your list like you would want to be talked to. Or think of it as speaking to a group of friends. How would you let someone know about the newest gadget or your favorite movie? Talk to your list that way and they are more likely to listen.

Lastly, your message may end up in someones junk mail folder and never get read.

Using a reputable autoresponder can help with this problem. But you also might want to ask people to look in their junk folder if they don’t see you e-mail show up.

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