List Building – The Basics of E-Mail Marketing


So how do you get people to subscribe to your e-mail list? You can’t just flash a neon sign saying “subscribe here” and expect them to hand over their personal information. You need to give them a reason.

Let them know that what you offer is free and that they are safe from spam when signing up through your site. You can reinforce the safety of your site through your thank you or subscription confirmation page. Let them know that their information is safe with you.

Make it easy for them, if you only need a name and e-mail address, then why ask for an address, business name, or telephone number. Sure, you may use it in the future, but you do not need it right now, so ask for the basics and you’ll get more people to subscribe.

Be sure your opt in form is easy to find. If you hide it at the bottom of the page it may never get seen by two thirds of your visitors. Place it near the top and make it stand out.

Do your visitors really know what they are getting if they opt in to your e-mail campaign? Don’t assume that your readers will see an obvious benefit to being on your list. Most people are rather suspicious and do not hand over their information without knowing there is a definite benefit to doing so.

Your best customers will come from lists that your have built yourself. Be wary of offers to build your list overnight with purchased lists. You do not want to be seen as a spammer. Spam complaints are serious and can hurt your business in a big way.

With a double opt-in you can be sure that the people on your list have given you permission to send them information. Just because you meet someone at an event or gathering and they give you a business card does not give you permission to add them to your list. Send them an e-mail giving them the option to join an on going e-mail campaign. When you are honest and courteous you’ll be rewarded.

So what is the key to getting more opt-ins? You must offer your subscribers something that is relevant to their needs and provides real value. A discount or coupon, information they can not get anywhere else, or a free consultation would all work. Or you might want to offer an e-book, audio recording, video or learning series.

Whatever you offer make sure it is something that readers on your list can’t wait to have. The more compelling your offer, the more subscribers you can add to your list.

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