Learning the Skills Used in SEO Article Writing


Internet traffic needs to be driven to blogs or websites. The most rudimentary way of doing this is by optimizing content through the use of articles that are rich in keywords. This type of writing is known as SEO article writing. It does not call for specialized knowledge. You only need to have good writing skills and understanding of creating content for the web.

Here’s how you can write articles for search engine optimization:

Keywords: This is the backbone of SEO article writing. A keyword is a phrase that sums up what is contained in an article. Keywords are drawn from words that people are likely to use when browsing. For instance, possible keywords for articles on SEO may be “SEO,” “SEO articles,” “writing SEO articles” and so on.

Frequency of keywords used. While ranking websites, search engines rely on the number of times a keyword has been used. They also depend on how the words are related in an article. In SEO article writing, you should place these words in strategic positions in an article. Instead of keywords, use keyword phrases. Rather than writing “diamond,” use the phrase ‘diamond necklace” instead.

Use optimized headings. A search engine first looks for the relevance of keywords in article headings before checking elsewhere. A subheading or heading that is optimized should consist of a keyword. Headings should be placed in a HTML heading tag to improve their scanning by search engines.

The article’s opening and closing paragraphs should be optimized. A search engine will evaluate other places where an SEO writer uses keywords. Some places such as the heading, rank higher than others. Other places are the first paragraph followed by the last one. Make sure you have placed keywords in each one of them.

Keep the content short. It should also be precise. People do not like reading long articles. The ideal range is a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 700. Ensure the article’s content focuses on one subject.

Avoid spamming the search engines. A writer may find repeating a keyword many times to be the most logical thing. Refrain from doing so as you will be penalized. Instead, concentrate on informative SEO article writing where keywords are properly place. A keyword density of up to 10% is sufficient.

Using synonyms: These are different words with the same meaning. Use them in the place of keywords at the mid sections.

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