Landing Pages – Can They Improve My Conversions?


Have you looked critically at your landing pages lately? Do they grab your attention? Are they converting well? Or maybe you’re not sure what is meant by a landing page? You have a web site so you don’t need a landing page, right? Well, yes and no. A web site is a good start but you probably have specific products which are on sale, brand new, or are products with compelling stories.

A landing page is a specific web page aimed at a new product, discounted product or sale. The advantages to you?

  • Your customer is directed to the specific offer you’re making rather than wandering around on your website clicking on link after link, getting frustrated and leaving your site, the landing page brings him or her directly to the offer.
  • Often, visitors to your site can get confused about exactly what they need to do to receive the discount or the free E-Book. The specific page eliminates any confusion on that issue.
  • Such specificity and clarity can significantly increase the likelihood for the visitor to click and provide the necessary information needed for you to convert him or her into a lead.
  • Often called a squeeze page, a well designed page has a clear title which conveys the value instantly and in few words. (Remember everyone who goes to your site or your page is thinking one thing and one thing only: What’s in it for me?)
  • Stay focused on your specific offer and provide clear and convincing reasons about how your visitor will benefit.
  • Use one link and one link only, repeated several times throughout the page.
  • Be sure to use social media links for your customers to share this great new product.
  • In your design, be sure to keep the smaller screens of the mobile media in mind.
  • Make certain that you capture all the relevant information you need to enter the person’s contact info into your on-going mailing list.
  • Now you have a new lead: the life- blood of any business.
  • Remember that your newest members of your mailing list are the most dedicated-be sure and reward them with relevant information early in your follow-up campaign.

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