Know Why Email Marketing Is Necessary and Beneficial for Your Business


Email Marketing is one of the most common and also one of the mishandled methods of marketing. However, on the other hand, it has a lot of untapped potential. If rightly executed, it can compliment all the other methods and channels of marketing. There are a lot of benefits that a business can reap which the conventional methods do not offer. Let’s look at some of them in this article.

Cost Arbitrage

Irrespective of how cost efficient the conventional methods of business promotion and marketing might be you can’t compare them with email marketing. It is almost a free service, at least to a point. Beyond a point, you might have to consider a service provider. But even then, this method will always remain cost – effective.

It can be constantly varied, is live and easy to implement unlike the other methods like brochures, flyers, press advertisements and posters. All this marketing collateral needs a significant amount of expenditure and cannot be changed before the next lot goes into printing. In fact some of it, such as press and media cannot be changed and needs an entirely new campaign every time.

Global Outreach

The internet is global! And so is the reach of your online mail. One of the major advantages of online messages is the globalist. No matter where you or your recipient is based, this method paves the way to a global approach of promoting businesses. Borders, laws, postal services, charges are no longer a barrier.

Personalization of the Medium

No other method of reaching out to the market can be personalized as much as internet based methods can be. Further because emails are just like letters, if used well, it allows you to create a bond with the prospect on an individual and personal level. The segmentation of the audience is also easy in this case, because people can be grouped on the basis of their time zones, their economic strata, their purchasing capacities, consumer behavior etc. This helps in more focused and relevant communication.

Result Gauging

Any marketing campaign has to be measurable. The results, feedback and the reach to the target market all need to be gauged to ensure that the efforts being put in are worth it. Online mail can act as a litmus test in this context. It is helpful in identifying target audiences. Results, CTRs, conversions, the source of web traffic, etc. can all be measured in this case. The web provides us with tools that can assess the success data of different campaigns.

Quicker TATs

The response time in this method is way faster than other conventional solutions. The average TAT is one to three days. In fact most responses that you can expect get delivered on the first day itself. A direct postal delivery however is much slow and takes almost two weeks to generate the right response.

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