Keyword Searching – How To Find What You Didn’t Know Was Lost


Keyword searching, it seems, is the bane of everyone’s existence. Many people find themselves trying to find what word to use, what is the best way to type the word in the search engines, and how do I weed through the results to find exactly what I was looking for. Well, there is logic to the results but it is based on very complex algorithms that are far beyond what I’m going to go into here. But, there are some things you can do to find what you want, and it can take you quite a bit less time than you have probably been spending.

I go the my search engine, mainly Google, and enter what I believe is the starting point of what I want to look for. Keep in mind though, that getting the correct keyword can be a bit of a science if you want to find the magic key that opens whatever lock you’re searching for. I have spent tons of hours getting my 1,080,624 results and skimming through the first page, then the second page, and by the 14 page I can’t remember why I was looking for what I’m looking for.

When doing keyword searching, you start with your first keyword and then that may evolve into another as you find the first one wasn’t exactly what you needed to find. You couldn’t have gotten to this secondary keyword until you had entered the first which led you to your current one. Keyword searching is like following a treasure map: one landmark leads you to another and then another. The trick is getting these keywords quicker so you don’t spend all day doing it.

What you need to do is to find that second or third keyword that gets you to your goal quicker. You need be able to search for one term and let it lead you immediately to your next step. This process is called search engine optimization. Search engine optimization means you can enter one term and find multiple paths from that one entry and get additional ideas as well.

Google recognizes this need and they suggest additional possible keywords you may be looking for and this can give you some ideas of what to search for. I would take these and write them down, as I am entering what I’m looking for, and if the initial search yields no results then I would enter one of the additional ones I’d found. These will also give additional ones to build off of allowing me to build a path to my destination. There are search engine optimizers on the market as well that will streamline this job, but if those are out of your reach then I would to suggest to you to enjoy the journey as you, like myself, will find all kinds of things that may lead you off the path.

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