Keyword Ownership – Be the One to Hold the Power!


It is common knowledge by now that keywords are the most important things in the entire search engine marketing industry. As the system works on advertisers bidding to get their ads displayed for keywords that they find profitable, the basic essence behind the entire structure can be found in the keyword itself. Based on this very concept, a revolutionary new way of generating revenue through search engine marketing, or pay per click marketing, has emerged in the form of keyword ownership.

Keyword ownership is exactly as the name suggests. Clever internet marketers and businesses get the opportunity to gain access to certain keywords and own them. Do not be misled here as keyword ownership does not mean you solely own all rights to the keyword itself and prevent users from performing searches on it. Such a system would be highly unrealistic and far from practical. What keyword ownership means in this instance is for you to have the ability to lease that keyword out to advertisers who are bidding to place ads on it. For every click that the advertiser pays for while displaying his or her ads for your keyword, you will get a small cut.

To make things clearer, let us now think about traditional pay per click marketing. Each time a user searches for a keyword and clicks on the corresponding ads that appear, Google, Yahoo or whichever search engine they are using earns some money. Advertisers can sometimes bid as high as $10 per click, which translates to $10 gross profit for the search engines each time the ad is clicked. The revolutionary keyword ownership system allows you to get that cut instead of Google and Yahoo.

With over 300 million searches being performed on the World Wide Web on a daily basis, it does not take much for one to deduce that the possibilities of keyword ownership are endless. The most important thing to bear in mind here is the fact that not every keyword is created equal.

Factoring in the sheer number of searches each day and an enormous number of ads that get clicked, it is not difficult to see that this industry is probably one of the biggest in today’s dynamic business world. Unfortunately, only the huge search engine giants such as Google and Yahoo can hope to milk this insanely lucrative cash cow. Or is it?

Some keywords will be far more profitable for advertisers and these are the ones that you will want to gain ownership for. It will be difficult for anyone to give you a list of such keywords offhand so thorough keyword research is necessary to make this a lucrative business.

Keyword ownership is still a very new thing in the world today but is expected to grow at a rapid pace

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