Keyword Optimization – 3 Reasons It’s Vital for Your Business!


If your business website doesn’t employ proper keyword optimization, you might as well have a billboard in the middle of the dessert! In this article we will outline three reasons why it should be a priority.

Reason 1

Correct keyword optimization can be defined as the process of incorporating chosen keywords or phrases into your website’s meta data (title tags, meta description, meta keywords), it’s images and it’s content to boost search engine rankings for the target keyword or phrase. If your target keywords are not incorporated correctly, you have just wasted all the time you have spent on keyword research. It’s important to get your keywords in the right places and in the right volume – keyword stuffing can incur your website a penalty from the search engines, so certainly you should check you have the right density!

Reason 2

Keyword optimization enables the search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing to properly identify and categorize your website and it’s content. As long as your keywords and phrases are search engine spider friendly, your website and it’s content have a very good chance of being indexed and subsequently found by the people who are actually looking and searching for the keywords and phrases you are targeting. Therefore, these people are more likely to click on your link and purchase your product or service.

Reason 3

Correct keyword optimization for your website can greatly increase exposure to all of your products or services, and shouldn’t just apply to the Home Page. For example if you are a law firm, you may have different departments or specialties such as family law, criminal law, conveyancing etc. If each of these specialties has it’s own web page, keyword optimization can help potential customers find you for all your different services and not just those people who are looking for a “law firm” Using longer tail keywords and applying optimization will certainly improve your search engine rankings for more targeted traffic.

There are many more reasons why keyword optimization is important, but hopefully the above three reasons are more than enough to make you realize it’s worth spending time getting it right.

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