Keyword Generator: What Keyword Tool Does It Best?


A Keyword Generator can come in all types of guises, and it’s also true that “not all keyword tools are made equal”!

The free Google keyword tool is by far the most popular with the on-line marketing world, especially those who are starting out with affiliate marketing. But is it the best method of finding keywords?

Many marketers will tell you that it is all they use is the Google keyword tool, and it’s the only keyword tool that you will ever need however I believe there is one major downside to that very statement.

Every affiliate marketer who is using the Google free keyword tool is getting the exact same information as you are. which in my opinion leaves you as an affiliate targeting keywords that have a whole load of affiliate competition!

Not a whole lot of fun when you know you are up again 100’s or even 1000’s of online marketers for the same search term, that’s why I personally believe that paid keyword tools are a much smarter keyword generator for marketers to use. I’m a massive fan of Micro Niche Finder but there are loads of other keyword tools out there.

It can be a bit of a long process as digging through the keywords generated and looking at the competition you’ll have and how many back-links they have etc can take a bit of time.

But let me be totally honest with you, I love shortcuts especially when it comes to keyword research, I also love not having too much competition for my chosen keyword too after all that is the best result possible isn’t it?

So how cool would it be to KNOW that you were in a niche and the competition was minimal, very cool right?

Well sometimes there is a way to get that exact information that you want;) So – would like to take a look at a different kind of keyword generator?

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