Key Email Marketing Trends In 2012


Email marketing has emerged as a trusted direct marketing medium compliment with social media and mobile marketing. Email marketers are progressively focusing on content and UI design of email. With social media it is becoming more important for customer engagement. Having all these facts in mind, let’s see what could be the key trends in 2012.

1. Creativity: I know, I know it’s a boring start, but it is an important factor which could affect the results in a better way. It means your designs are very creative but old, they should be changed according to the new toys(mobile devices). It is not only about the mobile devices, but refreshing your design will make your subscriber curious. There are some factors which will emerge in 2012 to make email more creative and beautiful, like more HTML richness, graphics, images, etc.

2. Mobile Device: This will connect you to the previous point. What is the best thing happened to email marketers in last two years? Smartphones like Apple, Android (and their clones), they beat the less html friendly smartphones like Blackberry (RIM). This has made email the most performing activity by consumers on their present smartphones. So HTML rich beautiful emails will make much nicer on smartphones.

3. Personalization: There are still some people who impressed by the simple “Hello (First name)” type of personalization, but the majority of subscribers wants email personalization on the next level.

This year newsletter content will be made out of consumer data. All the history of buying behavior, website activity and customer relationship management data will be used to make emails as personal as possible. So the past data will help you learned more about your subscriber, so you can send him more personalized email.

4. Relevancy: Most of the marketers hate this term, but “relevancy” is the one thing which is not going anywhere soon. The top email service providers like Gmail, Hotmail etc are developing new ways to prioritize messages with a very personal approach.

Considering the features like priority inbox of Gmail and Sweep functionality of Hotmail, marketers must need to make sure the relevance of their content and offers. 2012 is all about offers specially made for recipients according to their need. Ignoring this fact will sure the loss of conversion, decrease in reputation and finally end up in junk box.

5. The year of Social Media integration: Email marketing with social media came strong in last year’s result. Both showed solid growth in terms of business. As the business came more to understand the value of engagement, this trend is likely to continue. As a matter of fact businesses are embracing the idea of personalization in communication.

All these trends are going to make email marketing as the most used and reliable marketing channel in 2012. As we can see that Google is making SEO tougher by every update, so marketers are looking for new marketing channel which can be more reliable and economic as SEO and can give better ROI results, so email marketing is going to evolve more on its ground and can fill the space left by SEO.

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