Keep Website Content Unique But Don’t Forget to Add Value


When trying to rank pages and build the best SEO plan for any website, the need to pay particular attention to the content that is placed at this internet location cannot be overlooked. While it has been frequently stated that the quality of published internet content is as important as frequent postings to websites and blogs, uniqueness is another aspect that needs to be seriously considered as well.

Republishing the same information from other sources is considered duplicate content by Google’s search engines and most often decreases ranking, which is an important consideration that must be clearly understood before such action is ever considered.

Creating unique, original content that actually is of value to readers is vital before another article or blog post is written. So what makes up originality? Here is an explanation as it refers to content and how to achieve a goal of creating original content and not just differently worded, duplicated information.

Unique Content

In the realm on internet posting, unique content is considered text that passes the test of any plagiarism tool that is available; it is all right as long as that posted content has been re-written or presented in a slightly different way, which just isn’t true. Yes, all that written material may have indeed passed that plagiarism test and is not exactly a duplicate of another writing because the words are in a different order and the current version reads differently than the original one. Unfortunately, this does not create uniqueness that also provides value. The exact same ideas have been presented, just in a different way with slightly different words.

Originality that adds value happens when content is created to better suit readers, usually by adding other ideas and answers that come from the mind of the writer. Essentially, reading the same article written multiple different ways is still that – the same article. Adding more points and more valuable information is what makes any written material uniquely relevant. There is actually a lot more involved in rewriting content for the web or even writing new content based on existing information than simply presenting the same ideas in different ways.

Adding Value

The best way to earn greater reader interest and approval is with unique content that adds value. Not only does this information better serve readers, it will gain more website visits. Links to and from published posts that are deemed more credible also holds more SEO value, since it is understood that something is being offered other than just the same information that is already out there on the internet.

Adding value to writing takes work, plain and simple. To write content with quality and value, something extra must be included that will make an article stand out from all others. Introducing more ideas or more details, anything that better answers questions that attracted readers in the first place can accomplish such a goal. By striving to create more usable content, website value can be increased as well as any SEO effort.

Using similar reasoning, it must also be realized that duplicate content, even if it reads completely different than anywhere else, can indeed harm a website. Anything that can still be recognized as duplicate content is known to have a negative effect on SEO efforts. At least one different point or detail should be in every article, an extra bit of information or extra tip to make it stand apart from regurgitated articles that already exist.

Hopefully this has helped to clarify the difference between just having unique website content and having unique information that is valuable to both website visitors and search engines. In its simplest definition, the best way to create content that is both unique and of value is to include new ideas, new thoughts, new outlooks that have not previously been covered – that can make every article truly an original effort!

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