Jump-Starting Your Content Marketing


Most businesses rely so heavily on the use of internet for most of their needs – research and development, marketing, selling, advertisements, etc. All of these used to be done in the old traditional business ways. Nowadays, you can do almost everything with one click of the so likeable mouse.

Content marketing is another marketing technique or method in which relevant and valuable contents are created and distributed with the main objective of attracting and engaging specific target users. The ultimate objective, of course, is to convert this traffic into profitable customer response.

To jump-start your content marketing, you might want to check these easy steps out:

Find your Domain

    Before even starting with your content writing, one needs to prepare ahead and identify where the content will ‘live’ after being ‘born’. To make your content marketing effective, you need to have a domain (place) which you can control on a platform you can use as you please. Your contents will not live on Facebook or Google+ but you have to own a platform that will allow you to play around with it in terms of how it will look like in general. For many content marketers, the best platform to have is WordPress. It is adaptable and dynamic. Having your own domain to house all of your creative contents will definitely help your content marketing efforts.

Think of your Clients

    Content marketing is about the clients, so you have to think of how your content can get to these clients. How can you get their interest? How can you engage them as your readers? In other words, you need to master your craft. You may create contents that are valuable to you and gradually transforming those contents into something about your clients, what they need, what they want to know, etc.

Interesting Content

    This is every writer’s objective – to be able to write something that readers will actually read and not trash. Your content should be crafted in a way that it engages the readers to even post comments or opinions on what they have read. If your marketing efforts are not showing any positive trending, you might need to get a friend to read your contents and have their honest opinion, from a reader’s point of view, on what your contents are to them. Losing traffic to your site is one indication that your contents are lacklustre.

Secure your Domain

    Creating contents is hard work, plain and simple. Losing content and starting from scratch will make someone hate the virus, hackers and yes, hackers from competitors. Can you imagine the amount of time, effort and resources lost because your site has been hacked? Require your web host to comply with the highest security measures possible. Keep your WordPress or whatever other platforms you are using constantly updated. Require security ‘scans and sweeps’ of existing sites before bringing them onto your hosting platform.

Give your Contents a Beautiful Domain

    Don’t make your readers click the ‘back’ button immediately because your site is unsightly. Match your excellent content with spectacular webpages. Make your site attractive enough to get readers glued to their screen, intently reading through your scores of information.

Build a relationship with client

    The best way to build that relationship with your clients is through email. It is more engaging, more personal, more human. Specific actions and responses are immediately available by email. You will know right away what they think about your email.

Do Guest Postings

    Guest postings are equally effective and have a wider or larger reach. Just remember to send your readers back to that quality content built on a site you have full control of.

Don’t Forget to Offer

    Writers tend to get carried away by their writing that they sometimes forget the reason for such writing. Introduce the offer before your content gets any longer.

Go Social

    If you have done all steps so far, then you are ready to build your content around various social media networks which has wider circulation and reach. The unique characteristic of social media in terms of spreading the word may be maximized and optimized to favor your marketing efforts. Just make sure you have good content that will give them good reason to let others in their network know about.

Don’t make the mistake of taking short-cuts. You might end up wasting your efforts instead if you rush into making things happen.

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