It’s Called Search Engine Optimization for a Reason


Search engines are constantly evolving. Their programmers know how to make them look for certain things and how to avoid others. In the past, search engine bots didn’t know any better, which gave a lot of unscrupulous sites the advantage. They spammed search engines with keywords until the results pages looked nothing like what a user hoped it would. But once search engines were built smarter, those same old tactics were no longer of any use, giving the legitimate sites a chance to shine. SEO has become a powerful tool in the hands of webmasters, ensuring that they have just what the search engines want to see.

So how do you use SEO? What ways can you make search engine optimization work for you? Will you need extra help to make it happen? Consider some of the following for both your main website as well as locations elsewhere on the web and discover where SEO can take you.

Making the Most Out of Keywords

Even with today’s SEO, the best way to get noticed by search engines is through the smart use of keywords. By identifying popular and frequently used keywords and keyword phrases, you can craft your content around them and give search engines a reason to view your site as something it wants to retrieve. You can use things such as Google’s keyword tool to discover some of the most popular keywords in use in relation to your website and what your business has to offer.

Remember not to use too many keywords in one area. This will only result in search engines making the decision that your website is simply attempting to spam them and they will end up passing you by. Instead, use a smart ratio of keywords – 4% to 8% depending upon the length of your text. If it is a shorter amount of text, use even less. You don’t want your keyword density to get too high, or it will no longer fall within the realm of SEO. Make sure keywords and keyword phrases read well for visitors, and keep articles within an 800 word range. Beyond 800 and people will begin to tire of reading and be more interested in moving elsewhere.

Utilizing Off Site Areas

Other locations, such as social media sites, are also prime areas to utilize SEO. There sites are merely additional doorways that people can use to visit your main site. If search engines don’t always pull back your site to the results pages, then you may discover that some smart SEO on Facebook, YouTube, or other social sites means a listing on the results page that people can click. These sites are important to keep up to date with keywords and content as people will check these frequently and be interested in communicating with you and your business.

In fact, these spots are perfect for getting ideas across to customers, accepting new recommendations, and offering them fun things that will make them want to share your site and add more visitors to your count. After all, the more people see you and what you offer, the more potential customers you have.

Getting Additional Help

If you need assistance in getting SEO for your website off the ground, there are plenty of professionals and freelance writers available to hire. Professionals can handle everything from acquiring keywords to editing HTML for SEO. Freelance writers can be given the task of creating content such as blogs and articles if you already have keywords and suggestions. Many have already worked in creating this type of web content.

Keep your site fresh and SEO current and you will see the benefits of all your hard work.

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