Is Magento the Best ECommerce Solution?


With a lot of paid eCommerce software in the market, why would you waste your time in a free eCommerce solution like Magento. What does Magento offer and why it is loved by many is what this review is all about. If you haven’t yet decided on what eCommerce solution would fit your website, read along as I will discuss what is unique about Magento and why you need one.

Magento is an eCommerce solution best known as a web development solution for eCommerce companies. It is an open source software which means you can get this software for free and participate in making it better if you have the coding skills. It is easy to build shopping carts for your customers to use and has a high level of flexibility and customization options available. The platform has been downloaded for more than 600,000 times, which means, a lot of people are satisfied in the fastest growing eCommerce software in the market. Magento, despite from being free offers a full feature eCommerce solution set. It now supports for digital products and a theme based structure. I haven’t been able other eCommerce software other than Magento,, but I have worked with different eCommerce solution and most are paid versions of it. I have to say, I’m very impressed with Magento because it is better than most expensive eCommerce software in the market. It is without a doubt that Magento is an eCommerce software made for store owners. It has powerful reporting features, complex discounts and vouchers can be integrated in other system such as accounting, and it covers nearly anything serious store owners want. Aside from that, it is customizable. The customization options are all available in the admin interface that is easy to use. Customization is done using XML module that has a plugin architecture similar to WordPress. Like WordPress, Magento has a lot of contributors of plugins and are all offered for free.

Magento has two versions of their software, the community version which is free and open source, and the Enterprise version you have to pay to get one. The Enterprise version is not cheap, but it has a lot of improved functions not found in the community version. It also has substantial support feature. The community version, on the other hand, has active communities. However, you cannot guarantee support and advice you get will work with the Enterprise version should you need to shift. For simple stores, the shopping cart software provided in the community version is enough, but for large stores, you might want to pay for the Enterprise version as it has more features and customization options. Overall, Magento is an excellent eCommerce software. Some may find the system complicated but with regards to complexity, it is the top solution available for online retailers today. Magento may not be recommended for everybody because of its steep learning curve, I still find it to be a very powerful software that once you learned how to use it, you will never use any software other than Magento.

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