Is It Better To Have One Long Email Marketing Campaign Or Multiple Short Ones?


Plain and simple, it’s better to have one long email campaign, but I say that with a twist. Let me explain what I mean.

No matter the industry or niche, you want to have one long email campaign that is designed to do three things… provide quality content, build a relationship with the subscribers, and offer them products or services related to the topic of each email.

That’s it.

Imagine you are in the weight loss industry and you want to provide daily emails related to the weight loss industry. Each email is content driven, but at the end of each email, you offer products or services that are related to that particular topic.

So what you do is find a minimum of 10 products to sell in the weight loss industry and you write 10 content-filled emails about each product. That will give you 100 emails you can plug into your long email marketing campaign.

The idea here is to put the emails together in a long campaign that teaches people something new every day for 100 days, just to start with. When you add more products to offer, you can create more emails and lengthen the email campaign. The reality is people will enjoy the emails each day as long as the content is good.

When you do a good job with your emails, your subscribers will start to like you and trust you, meaning they will buy from you. If you make your main email campaign too short, you run the risk of not giving people enough time to really build a relationship with you.

Now here’s where the little twist comes in.

With every email, you put a link to click that leads to an offer. Not every offer will be clicked, which is okay. But the ones that are clicked, it’s a good idea to create a short email campaign targeted to those people that is specific to the offer they clicked on.

Why would you want to do this?

Because you have to assume that if they clicked the link of the offer, they should be interested in the product. When the buyer is interested, you want to do what you can to get them to buy that product as soon as possible. So maybe you create a set of 5-7 ultra targeted and ultra specific emails that are specific to that product offer. If the buyer is hot, they will but within those 5-7 emails.

So I always recommend a longer email campaign versus multiple shorter ones, but I think you’ll agree you’ll make more sales in the long run with the little twist I talk about.

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