Is Having an Online Business the Way Forward?


Over the last few years many people have lost jobs and still struggling to look for work. It is a huge struggle and massive dilemma regarding bills and how to change your direction in life and make things better. Is the answer setting up an online business? Buy a domain and set up an ecommerce package and pull in the traffic? Do you think its easy to set one up?

Its a tough climate at the minute having a business whether its on the high street. industrial estate based company or online and having to pay for employees etc. Having an online business and running it solely could be the way forward? Is it just as simple as finding that great niche product, great content website and you’ll make great money? Or is the market to fierce and not a great idea?

There is always competition in everything you do and competition can be healthy or very difficult. There are so many businesses online for example gift shops, sweets, clothes, furniture etc all trying to succeed and make money and living the dream of being their own boss. I myself enjoy browsing online and buying my products online from food shopping to my new summer wardrobe. do you agree? I do feel that setting up an online business can help the unemployed at the moment by building an eCommerce website and working hard with their days to sell.. If you have an online business whether you make the products yourself, great wholesaler provider or order with a drop shipping service, your audience is not just in your country but could be worldwide?This could widen your sales ROI (returns of investment)

I believe that with a great idea the world is your oyster. Agree? Obviously if you set up a cake store your really aiming for your local area to help with delivery but anything from gifts and accessories etc could be worldwide? I think eCommerce packages are great, i am a fan having used them myself. There’s so many templates available, colour schemes and easy to use start up assistant.

So, do you think its possible to start from scratch and start thinking of an idea, domain name, building eCommerce website and start advertising your services? Would you take the leap and start advertising outside your own postcode area or even your country? I believe this is a great option for those struggling to find direction and waiting to hear from companies regarding their job applications. Would you put getting a new job on hold and work hard to get an online business up and running and stop bring in monies? What would be your time-scale? I would, would you?

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