Is Email Marketing Dead? No!


Some people think email marketing is dead, while others think it is easier than ever. Who is right? Neither. Email marketing is far from dead and has never been easy and never will be. If you have the time and energy to learn all the tips and tricks it takes to run a successful marketing campaign, then you will quickly see there is a lot more to learn than you ever imagined.

If you don’t have the time, then you can hire a marketing solutions company. These professionals have put in the time and energy to learn everything there is to know about operating a successful campaign. They know how to get a targeted audience and how to convert clicks into sales.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

People have gotten so tired of spam that the delete button has become their best friend. In the spur of the moment they might have opted in to your list, but after a few letters, they are no longer interested. This is why you have the opt-out link at the bottom, but many people don’t bother. They just delete the message.

This is extremely frustrating for the marketer because you never really know how much of your audience is still interested. This is where double opt-in is useful. If subscribers are clicking the link within the email, then you know who is interested and who is not. This proves that email marketing is not dead.

Is Email Marketing Easier Than Ever?

With the high spam rates of a few years ago, many email campaigns go directly into the trash or spam box. This means you have to have a solid mailing list of opt-in users. If a user has not opted-in willingly, they will never see your message.

Many filters are so tough that even emails on your subscriber’s white list are automatically sent to trash or spam. A dedicated subscriber will check these boxes for emails from you, but those are few and far between. So, email marketing is not any easier today than it was a few years ago.

How Do I Get Started?

An email marketing solution helps you create campaigns, schedule communications, organize customer contact details and monitor the efficiency of your efforts. You have to make sure there is an opt-out link in all correspondence to comply with spam laws. You will want a program that records the number of emails sent out, how many of those get bounced back, how many subscribers clinked the internal link and especially if any of those clicks resulted in a sale.

The easiest part and best feature of an email marketing campaign is that subscribers can forward your message to friends and family. If you make your newsletter interesting and your subscribers forward your message, every email you send can potentially bring more subscribers.

The more subscribers you have, the more potential sales. Marketing gurus estimate that you can earn $1 per subscriber per month.

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