Is Email Marketing Dead for Ever?


There are strong debates around this often overlooked topic. In fact, the death of email is a subject that will always be on marketer’s leaps, as is direct marketing. Individuals and businesses alike are still using it nowadays, and we see no reason why they should stop doing it.

If people are still doing something, there must be working, right?

If we see the same ad over and over again on a site, or in a newspaper, then the company makes a profit in order to afford to buy ad space, correct?

If we think in these terms, and if we listen closely to the more recent stats, whitepapers and reports on email marketing, we can say with almost 100% accuracy, that email is actually shifting from the private inbox, on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

Before the growth of these social media sites and their integrated services, email was a stand alone activity: we could send messages and multi-media files either to a single person or to a group of friends and contacts.

Today, with the help of web 2.0 platforms as the ones we just referred about, email is integrated, meaning, we can not only check our correspondence, but at the same time multi-task through the chat window, wall, and fan pages.

In other words, email is part of something bigger than what we were used to. And for this reason alone, email is now more important than ever. With the growth of social media, smart phones, tablets, and the expansion of Internet related technologies like augmented reality apps and things like that, email is not going to die, but grow in significance.

This tells us professionals and business owners, three main things:

1. Consider email as the core of your business and integrate your social media activities with email correspondence. You will do better than overlook it, in terms of bottom line results.

2. Run unique newsletters and email promos and educational messages. Constant follow-up is the key in the era where interruption is normal and emails are sent at random.

Be prepared to be the one and only in your niche or industry to send out regular emails and keep in constant touch with your audience, and clients’ base.

3. Build your tribe is not a necessity, it is a way of doing business. Seth Godin is the initiator of this concept, so you might want to follow what is he doing and check out on his blog, books and conferences.

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