Is A Website All You Need To Show In Search Results?


It would be great if you could just get a website built, and then find it was at the top of the major search engines would it not?

Well sadly many people are miss-sold websites on this often false promise, or they have the perception that just as they have now taken their business online that it will bring in lots of sales and profits. Nothing could be further from the truth, with most cheap websites sold being bought as just that – a website and nothing more.

You may think, “Well a websites all I need is it not?” again sadly you could not be further from the truth. Buying a nice looking website is only about 10% of what you need to become have a successful online business.

So what factors influence where your site ranks in the search engines?

Well you could ask the same question of ten different people and get ten different answers. Why is this? Well each search engine uses its own different algorithms to calculate where your site ranks in relations to others. Indeed it is rumoured that Google uses over 150 different metrics to rank your site. The real kicker is that Google, Bing & Yahoo do not reveal what metrics they use when it comes to Page Ranking (PR), so overall it is somewhat a guessing game, although it is a somewhat educated guessing game, with some key metrics being identified as likely factors in how they rank your site.

So knowing this you should always be wary of someone who can claim to guarantee to get you to the number one position in a search engine, as simply put unless they own the search they cannot make such a guarantee.

So how do you go about increasing your websites ranking in the search engines?

Well you could spend a lot of time yourself researching what to do on the Internet, however a lot of the work is going to have to be done on your actual website so you will need to be working closely with a web designer or web developer capable of carrying out the relevant work on an ongoing basis, and make no mistake keeping your website at the top of the rankings once you have got there requires ongoing effort if you are to stay at the top.

Typically improving your sites web ranking will involve looking at your sites keyword density, headings, and keyword phrases to name but just a few basic items. This is where things can fall down if you have just bought a website from a designer and not a developer, as a developer will be focusing on not just delivering your site, but delivering a website that is going to rank well from day one.

A good web developer will be focused on keeping ahead of the algorithms that search engines use to rank your website.

High rankings in search engines can be achieved and sometimes fairly easily but do not expect it to happen overnight or without effort.

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