Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing


It’s a well-known fact that linking your email and social media initiatives together can boost your marketing return on investment. Recent studies in the United States have shown that 17% of Facebook users are more likely to buy from you after ‘liking’ your page, avid social media users spend 13% more than the average user and refer business equal to 45% of the money they spend.

I’ve not seen a recent UK study but we tend to follow the US in many social media trends so I don’t see it being much different. So, with the percentage of avid social media users across all ages going up year on year, you just can’t ignore it. With this in mind, how can you use your email campaign to drive up ‘likes’ and get people sharing your content and, in turn, how can you use social media to drive up your email subscribers? Here are some very simple tips:

Using ‘follow us’ or ‘like our page’ social links in your email are very easy to incorporate and will help you drive traffic. Better still; create an email campaign to promote specific social events such as a new Facebook competition or a new group that you have created on LinkedIn. Use your email to raise awareness of your social media footprint and steer people towards it.

Use ‘share’ icons so that people can share your email content whether it be a special offer, a particular promotion or an event that you are planning. Encourage your email recipients to ‘share the good news!’ and make it easy for them to do it.

Create a YouTube account for your company and include informative videos about your products or services that you can link to in your emails. Videos on YouTube can become viral and help promote your business in many unexpected ways. They can also be embedded into your website and help with SEO.

Create a blog and become the voice for your industry. Link to your blog in your email campaigns and be seen as an industry expert and the ‘go to’ person for your particular product or service. Use your blog to drive ‘opt ins’ for your email newsletters.

Highlight your email campaigns on your Facebook timeline and provide links on your other social media sites to your email newsletter opt-in page on your website. This will help grow your email database.

There are numerous ways you can integrate social media into your email marketing and they can both power each other and ensure that your company gets talked about.

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