Instant Internet Lifestyle – 3 Reasons to Check It Out


Reason 1: You’ve searched online for years for income opportunities and may even have purchased one or two in the past but they never paid off. The problem was you didn’t have a good teacher! It is people who are the make-or-break ingredient in so many things – including the internet! Lee McIntyre created the Instant Internet Lifestyle course and he is the real deal.

Lee is a trained teacher and it shows in every instruction, webinar and product he sells. He is a hard-working, accessible communicator with the skills to explain the many concepts and tasks associated with putting together a web-based income stream. What first struck me about Lee was is very plain spoken, self-deprecating demeanor. The instruction he was giving was all factual and hands-on. No B.S. and everything he said was something to write down and use. He learned the steps himself and put them into practice himself. He knows what the problems are and best of all – knows how to teach people! Everything is broken down into bite-sized chunks that anyone and everyone can accomplish and learn.

Reason 2: You’re getting older – like me – and your ‘day job’ is getting more and more difficult. Your income is linear; you get paid for ‘showing up’ every day, rain or shine, but as the years go by, you feel under-appreciated and you constantly worry about being replaced by your younger (read – ‘cheaper’) colleague’s. The internet doesn’t care how old you are, or how smart, good-looking etc. Your hard work is rewarded regardless of who, or what, you are! Ok, so you don’t mind some work as long as you’re not wheel-spinning. Now the problem is simply, ‘Work on what’?!?! Go ahead – make money online! There’s eBay and Amazon as well as Craigslist. Here’s that linear problem again. You are rewarded with income – yes. But, stop uploading, posting, negotiating, packaging, mailing etc and what happens to your income? It falls flat, that’s what. What you should be looking at is a true business. An online business that pays you a daily, weekly and monthly income.

I’ve been where you are and know what the issues are with the many internet ‘Guru’s’ there are and their Ferrari’s, mansions, pretty women wearing diamonds etc. My question is: if these ‘experts’ are following the advice of marketers who tell them that a 150 foot yacht on their advertising will motivate me to fork my hard-earned money over, the information they want to sell me cannot be very good. It isn’t.

Reason 3: You need a backup income in case something should happen to you. Times are hard for you, you might be bringing home enough now to feed and clothe everyone – just barely. What happens after the next downsize? What happens if you get hurt and can’t work much – or at all? Would you rather start from step one then? How about now, while its optional and you can slowly develop a backup income? Instant Internet Lifestyle will show you what to do, how, and when. Knowing simply how to proceed on such an enormous endeavor is what keeps millions of people away. This is your chance to make a difference!

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