Instances In Which You Don’t Need An Opt-In Email List For Cash


Some people say that building an opt-in email list is the best way to earn a full time living on the internet. While I don’t completely agree with this, I do believe that there is some truth to this philosophy. Having an email list is essential for backend marketing (selling to existing customers), but in some scenarios, having an email list is plain unnecessary.

Don’t believe me? I don’t expect you too (not right now anyway). You’ve probably held the long belief that to sell anything online, you MUST build a list to sell hundreds or thousands of people. But if you’ve ever been to “Amazon’s” website, you will see that their primary model of selling is in the form of an online mall.

Now “yes”, they do have a massive customer database, and they do have millions of people coming to their website everyday – all from the strength of their email list. But what about the brand new people who visit their site everyday and buys things? They see something that they like, and then they buy it… without opting in to any kind of list or free newsletter.

You want to know why some people say you NEED to build a large free subscriber database in order to succeed online? It’s because they’re trying to sell you their $300 course about how to make money online, and they know that because of this high price, it’s going to be tough to “hard sell” it to you the first time you see the offer.

So what do they do? They go and build an email list, and focus on the 1-3% of the people on their list (who are truly interested), and say all the right things to them just so they can buy their product. However, ask them what their conversion rate is from just leading people to their $300 product’s sales page, and they will probably tell you that they get 1 sale for every 1000 TARGETED visitors that they get.

1 out of every 1000? Would you settle for these numbers if you were selling a $5 eBook on your website? I don’t think so. If you sell on eBay, would you settle for these numbers if you were selling a $10 ink cartridge? If you sell on Amazon, would you settle for these numbers if you were selling a $20 video game? I highly doubt it.

Don’t get confused or lost in translation here. Having an email list IS your business when it comes to having a backend customer list. But from a freebie email list… your success isn’t guaranteed. Many people quickly build up their email list by using a ton of different techniques – but not all of these things will necessarily make you money.

If you want cash in your business, stay away from the fallacies of most marketers online. All most people know is what they hear – so eventually people start learning things from other people who don’t know anything. Avoid people like this, start doing testing on your own, and make sure you focus on building up your backend customer list.

Good luck with using email marketing in your business.

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