Increase Your Online Visibility – 3 Strategies To Get Your Business On The First Page Of Google


If you are a business owner, I’m sure you’ve received the call. You know, the one that lets you know that the caller has a spot reserved for you on the first page of Google.

Well you might be tired of hearing about it and receiving the phone calls but it’s important for you to consider that if you AREN’T on the first page of Google for your main keyword then you are invisible to 80% of the ideal customers who are actively looking for your product or service.

That’s right, studies indicate that 80% of people now research online before making a buying decision. And the bad news is that if you aren’t on that coveted first page most people will not even know that your business exists! And please keep in mind that 60% of people stay on the first page and don’t click to the second. (Think about your online research habits.)

And even more bad news… that first page of Google only has space for about 15 businesses. If you aren’t there, your competitors are getting all the calls from your potential clients.

Now for the good news. Local search (that’s getting your local business to the first page of Google) is still relatively new. Most of the businesses that are on the first page are there by default. This gives you an opening to get your business on the first page thus allowing you to attract new client and increase your profits.

Here’s 3 simple strategies that if executed will help your search rankings.

1. Use your main keyword in your URL.

Most business owners are still using their business name as their URL or web address. For example, Fred’s Plumbing would be Freds Plumbing dot com.

Instead, be search engine savvy and use your main keyword as your domain name. Instead of freds plumbing dot com use phoenix plumbing dot com or emergency San Diego plumbing dot com or best plumbers in Mobile dot com.

This is because Google ranks websites based on relevancy to the keywords they are analyzing. If someone is searching for a dog groomer in Atlanta and your website is named doggroomeratlanta dot com your site is more “relevant” in Google’s eye’s than your competitors website with the URL of nancysprettypets dot com.

Added bonus tip.…instead of naming your home page “home” name it your keyword also! This gives your site even more relevancy.

2. Make sure your description, title tag and header tags all have your main keyword in them. (Your web designer will know what these mean)

I realize that you may think it’s redundant to have the URL be dentist Tucson dot com, the title of your page to be Tucson Dentist your header labeled Tucson dentist and to also have Tucson Dentist in your description.

But believe me, this redundancy is needed to let Google know that YES, this is a website about a dentist in Tucson. No doubts what-so-ever, so rank it on the first page please.

3. Actively create back links to your site.

Back links are web pages that have links leading back to your website. Each back link is viewed as a vote of confidence that Google considers when deciding where to rank your site. Basically it’s like a big popularity contest…. the girl with the most votes becomes the prom queen. In the case of ranking websites, the more back links you have pointing towards your site the higher Google will rank you.

Bonus strategy!

I know I said I would talk about 3 strategies but this one is too important to not mention.

Make sure that you have Social Media sharing buttons on your site like Twitter’s “tweet this” or the Facebook “like” button.

Google recognizes that the web has gone social and now factors social activity into its ranking algorithm.

A few Facebook likes could mean thousands of dollars to your bottom line if they give your website the extra boost it needs to get first page rankings.

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