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The often repeated phrase ‘traffic is the lifeblood of your online business,’ can never become outdated. It will be as true fifty years later as it was yesterday. But the real question is- how in the world do you get traffic in the first place? You see, as soon as you have started to get your first trickle of traffic, half the battle is won. Growing this traffic is much easier. I have listed all the ways you can maintain and increase website traffic in my other articles and will continue to post more. The purpose of this article is to inform you about the process ‘Meta Indexing’.

So, what exactly is it? I’m sure you have heard of the process of pinging. It’s a quick press button technique to let the search engines know about your site. Pinging used to work like magic two years ago. But sadly, it doesn’t anymore. The proliferation of websites online is the prime cause. The internet is getting crowded. Therefore, the search engine bots take longer to crawl the whole of the internet. Most of the regular crawling, nowadays, is restricted to high PR blogs. The other sites are being crawled less and less frequently. Therefore, pinging is not very effective. Sometimes, it even takes several weeks to see results. Meta indexing, a recently developed technique comes as the solution to this problem that can help you increase website traffic.

Here is what it is- it places your URLs (yes multiple URLs) in high PR blogs that search engines crawl several times daily. The good thing is, you can even post the URLs of your backlinks on these sites, and therefore, let the search engines know of your backlinks too! I am sure you are well aware of the importance of getting your backlinks indexed. A non-indexed backlink is a worthless backlink. After all, the only reason you create backlinks is to let the search engines know of them, correct? So, if the search engines never get to know of them, there are completely useless. Sadly, the thing is, most backlinks go unnoticed by the search engines. The others get indexed after several weeks (if not months) of waiting. This could be disastrous to many webmasters who are looking to create or increase website traffic, and generate online revenue immediately.

Well, that is what Meta indexing is. Now, how do you actually do it? Thankfully, it’s simple enough. However, you will need software that can Meta index you links, if you want to increase website traffic this way. The good news is that you can get this software inexpensively. Some of them are sold for less than five dollars. A simple Google search will list you all the software that are built to Meta index any URLs. They are all completely automated and give very good results. So, if you are struggling to bring in traffic from the search engines, I strongly recommend you try this out. If you have been looking around for ways to increase website traffic, without success so far, I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. Best wishes on your online business.

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