In-House SEO Vs Hiring Out


Businesses that rely on the internet for even a fraction of their business often need their site optimized for Google’s search engines. There is hardly ever a question of IF but rather a question of HOW… or perhaps WHO. Should Search Engine Optimization (SEO) be an in-house operation for your business or not?

In-House SEO Pros

The pros of keeping SEO in-house are really reliant on your company structure. The size of the company is somewhat irrelevant as I’ve observed both small and large companies in great need of in-house SEO… conversely I’ve seen the opposite as well.

In-house SEO work, or having your SEO expert inside your company, allows the SEO worker to be intimately involved in aspects of the company that can often be overlooked by an external company that has little to no direct involvement with your company’s affairs. This ‘intimacy’ allows for deeper knowledge of the business, which may provide invaluable insight into SEO strategies.

Accountability provides both motivation for the worker and security for the investor. This seems a bit unnecessary in concept, but if you ever invest in an SEO specialist it’s hard to not wonder how much of your money is actually needed. A great company can often handle this with impressive reports and powerful results, but its hard to beat old fashion face-to-face time.

In-House SEO Cons

My time in SEO has convinced me that SEO continues to remain a relatively simple concept and an easy field to work in. The only complications occur when manipulation is included in the strategy, which can have some short term results and often long-term falls.

Cost. Few companies I’ve come across hire an employee to take control of their SEO, unless of course the company is directly involved in SEO. For most companies it is a waste of time to hire a single employee, pay his benefits, pay his salary, and end up with a worker that has a lot of free time after a few months have gone by. In other words, in most cases it is far less expensive for most companies to simply hire an SEO team to take over their SEO strategy.

Time & Change. The SEO field is ever evolving. I personally get e-mails from Google almost weekly about new or upcoming changes. These changes can be slight or extreme. Fighting to stay up with all the SEO changes is really not that difficult, but rather it is time consuming.

Experience. Finally, a team often will have far more experience and knowledge to bring to the table than a single individual. Sure the individual knows your company better, but there are often many details that can be learned in other companies and markets that give great insight into others. The strength of an individual in a company is hard to compare to that of an entire team that is focused on SEO work exclusively, though that does assume your company does not have a team of its own.

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