Important Tips For Planning Your Profitable Email Marketing Campaign


Before starting your email marketing campaign, you should study it very carefully because it is through this that you will build a relationship with your list. You must analyze what factors will deliver the quality that you are looking for. There are many factors that contribute to the making of a good email campaign, but we are going to concentrate in the most fundamentals.

Create a compelling subject line.Your subject line is the most important part of your email campaign. This will determine whether customers open your email or delete it. The subject line is intended to grab your subscribers’ attention. It must spring up your subscribers’ curiosity. It should not reveal exactly what the email is about; just enough information to entice your subscriber to open your email to find out more.

Personalize your emails – Are you talking to me?

Call your customers by the first name in your emails if you can. Send your emails using a dedicated email account every time. The more personal you can get, the easier it is to build trust. You’ll also have a better chance of your emails being opened and read. Do not abuse this feature; if it does not sound normal do not use it. However, remember that a person’s name is one of the sweetest words anybody wants to hear.

Don’t overload on copy – Get to the point.

It’s tempting to use three paragraphs to describe a product you really love and think your customers should love as well. But don’t do it. Use small paragraphs and economy of language to cater to the short time frame your customers have to go through all their emails. If you have something you want to expand upon, link to the rest of the story via a landing page on your site.

Not all emails are good for all customers.

Most email marketing campaigns do not work because the sender treated every email recipient the same. If you have a group of people who love one type of service you offer and another group of people who couldn’t care less, strategize accordingly. Divide your list into groups of people based on interest. It is true that this implies a lot of work, but the result will be extraordinary.

Keep your layout clean and simple.

Don’t overload your layout with flashy graphics, huge fonts and other in-your-face items. Keep your layout clean and simple. Your layout should look professional and easy to navigate. An overly busy layout will turn your recipients off and send your email campaign or newsletter right into the trash file.

Include a call to action – Do not procrastinate.

What was the purpose of sending that email? Your call to action can do many things: ask customers to click on a link, ask customers to fill out a survey, ask customers to make a purchase. Whatever calls to action you choose, just make sure you actually have one in the emails you send.

These are just a few sound ideas that you must consider when planning your email campaign. Implement these ideas and begin with the end in mind and your email campaign will be successful

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