If You Want Online Sales You Need TCP Dr!


I decided to crystallise down the essence of the online retail sales process and create a way to remember it – I came up with “TCP Dr” as the perfect acronym. Remember that all purpose smelly treatment? Well it will help you remember the key elements of your online sales processes.

Money Earning Tip 1 – Examine your website and ask yourself “Can visitors buy or order my products and services from my website, are they receiving enough information to make an informed decision?”

Your entire online sales process is summed up in the phrase “TCP Dr!” This will help you remember the brief information below;


Obviously we all work to generate the maximum traffic to our website but put simply you need to do everything from talking to people, put your website on all printed materials and expose your website online as much as possible. You must also give to get – demonstrate your skills buy putting out your knowledge for the benefit of others, then you are demonstrating your skills rather than selling them.


Once you get people to your website the next analysis you must do is how your website is converting your visitors from ‘browsers’ to buyers – conversion is a massive area to master – you must never stop working on your conversion processes to improve them. Just imagine that when people arrive at your website, do they know what you are offering – and how to get it?


Once your visitor has been converted into a buyer the process of securing payment must be flawless, you must ensure there are no blocks to making the order or purchase or you will see a lot of abandoned shopping carts just be for they pay.


Once the payment is confirmed you must send the buyer to a page that confirms that the purchaser has made a good decision, this helps avoid ‘Buyer Remorse’ – you must also deliver the product or service as quickly as possible, if you do not you might find them requesting a refund!


Your buyer does not become a customer until they have purchase again… , and again. You must do everything possible to build customer loyalty through emails, special offers and perfect after sales service.

So Remember; Traffic > Conversion > Payment > Delivery > Resell – when your eCommerce website fulfils this process flawlessly you have an efficient online shop.

That’s it in essence, I hope this has been helpful for now..,

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