How Your Business Can Benefit From Reactive Email Campaigns And Scheduled Send Out


Although we continually speak about regular email newsletters to your customers, making sure that you keep in touch with them regularly and consistently, many businesses often overlook the potential of reactive emails, which is when you release an email that is linked in some way to something that is happening at that moment in time.

There is little doubt that many have often tried and really failed when it comes to reactive emailing, but if they are done correctly and you put a bit of thought into how to connect your product with the current situation can really help to drive sales or enquiries your way.

So, when are reactive campaigns most effective?

Weather Conditions – The snow has fallen and you have 10,000 pairs of wellingtons in your warehouse…. NOW is the time to send an email out! Reactive emails to weather can work really well, because unlike postal marketing, these emails are instant and therefore if you are talking about snow or sun then there is a good chance that when the recipient opens your email, the circumstances surrounding its original reason for sending will still be in place.

Sporting Events – Sporting events present a perfect window of opportunity when it comes to selling related products, because the whole nation will be buzzing about the event and therefore in the mood to spend some money. A good example of this is when the World Cup is on, as this gives you four weeks to really get some emails out, especially if the home team is doing well and you can then take advantage of the buoyant mood and make some related sales from your existing customers.

News Events – As we have mentioned previously, the fact that emails are normally an instant marketing measure, you can quickly react when a news story breaks or something hits the headlines that you feel one of your products or services could relate to. Although you should try to avoid any touchy subjects and not try to exploit situations, there is no reason why you cannot use current news events to help to sell your offerings.

Rise In Product PR – Many large manufacturers and producers will often go through stages of having a massive stretch of PR, maybe sponsoring a big TV show or a large sporting event. This is the time when you should be sending out an email to coincide with this PR, because you can often piggy back off of the back of their hard spend if you have a decent email list. For example, if a PRODUCT X was sponsoring the XFactor on Television and you also sold PRODUCT X, then it makes perfect sense to email everyone just before or just after the show, as there is going to be a percentage of people that remember the product placement from the TV and will want to learn more.

At some stage it is going to rain, at some stage there is going to be a big rise in popularity for a particular product or niche and there are always regular sporting events, so you can actually plan these emails many months before and then just place your products into the mix ready to really make some reactive sales!

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