How Well Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Working?


As an on-going evaluation of our email marketing campaign, we should always monitor the effectiveness of our best targeted email marketing campaign in promoting our internet marketing business. This is one important aspect of our business that all internet marketers should be mindful of. This is a continuous process of reviewing our targeted strategy and to fine tune it to maximise our traffic conversion. This article will try to highlight the importance of evaluation of our email list marketing strategy and discuss some tips of how we can effectively manage it.

Direct email is one of the most cost effective strategies to advertise your internet business. Money, time, manpower and energy are deployed to carry out this exercise of planning and executing of your internet business. Therefore, it is important to evaluate and monitor your e-mail marketing strategy periodically for its effectiveness. At the same time, you need to find the most effective ways and also the lowest cost to carry out your mailing strategy for your internet marketing business. When you fail to carry out the evaluation may result in just a fail email marketing exercise resulting in not bring it the result you wanted?

You must set goals for ourselves as you embark on your marketing efforts. You also need put in place a mechanism to help you to accomplish your goal. The goal will be a measure of the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. When there is a short fall then you will be able to track the weak link and explore how to strengthen that area in your marketing effort.

Your goals must be realistic, specific, timely and measurable. As you plan, your goal will direct you to set aside a marketing budget for your marketing plan. Take for example; your goal is to increase your number of sales per month or to increase your sales takings by fifty per cent over the previous month. Without the goals you have set, you will not be able to evaluate your marketing effects.

It is very important that you conduct a Customer surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of the email script. You like to ask the customers how they heard about your product and services, what they like, what they do not like and how you can improve. This survey can be used as a way to gauge how they responded to your marketing campaign. After having got these data you can design and create a better email marketing newsletter based what they want.

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