How To Write Teaching Email Messages For Training and Profit


Training or teaching emails are a little different than your standard sales email that we all receive every day. The sales emails come in all shapes and sizes but they rarely provide any good content, they are providing a suggestion and a link to some product. Teaching emails are much more involved and provide you with material you can use later.

Setting up your email format

Setting up your email for training is a little different than a sales email. In a sales email you can simply give a short description of the offer and then a call to action. If you are providing some teachings then you should really start out by telling them just that. Let them know you are going to teach them something, outline one or two, maybe three sub-topics and then just get started teaching.

Your first paragraph should outline the main topic a bit, give an explanation of why they need to read on and perhaps a little history and what will it do for the reader. That’s it, pretty simple and to the point.

Then you can move right into your sub-topics or points. It is good to set them up as bullet points, readers like this. It’s not necessary but it can help the reader understand the material better. Your subscribers are like everyone else these days, they like their information to be brief and quick.

Teach them what they came to learn

The teaching portion can be really long if you are not careful. There is usually a lot to say once you get started typing. You need to remember that the reader is usually looking for a quick solution, not a masters dissertation. Unless you are writing to a list of engineers or scientists you probably want to keep the technical stuff to a minimum.

If you are already an expert on the topic it will be no problem to let it spill out onto your page, if not an expert then you may need to do some research. It will help you just as much as your subscribers.

Write a few sentences about each of your sub-topics that you listed in the opening statement. Try to keep it short and provide some examples if possible. It is easier to learn by seeing what you are trying to explain in words. You won’t be able to teach them everything in an email, you need to tell them where to get more information

Wrap it up and Call them to action

Once you have provided the content and taught your readers what you intended, you need to leave it there and move into a call to action while they are eager for more information. You can end your email by telling them what you taught them and suggesting where they can get more detailed or in depth training on the subject.

Give them a brief description of the training and then leave them with a link to the product. That’s it, this is a very time proven method of producing profit and sales for many online marketers.

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